milking the way


floating somersaults

leave glowing auras

screaming pleas of  fleeing comets

streak the sky with  ransom notes

rushing meteors laugh at the wishes of fools

there is no place like home

we tip toe on Stars like spiral staircases  to Mars

just to find there’s no one there

all that rotation leaves us Dizzy

brassy and brazen so we stop drop and roll

grab the brass rings of Saturn which aren’t worth a thing

so let’s pawn them for Pluto

who is depressed from his downsizing

tell him Sun is a Star that is always rising

tilt him towards the light to see

floating somersaults and night time dismounts on the moon

soon perfection will not be judged by the bias of others

but for now the Russian judge still withholds that half point

floating somersaults are the closest we can get to flying

…and it’s worth the risk.

© michele mitchell, 2014


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somewhere out there

ambivalence collided with apathy
souls shifted from the tipping of a see-saw
forcing cluster fucks to mock intimacy
we all need space
the final frontier
where there
is not now
nor is it planned for
get it while you can
give me all you got
then disappear
people only lose their light when blinded
Stars never need to be reminded to shine
find the recipe for Truth
mix Love and Light thoroughly
add adversity then pressure
watch the galaxy grow, glow
a supernova then explodes
rebirthing Stars to hang Hope upon
for whispered wishes.
© michele mitchell, 2013
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univerSoul sex

univerSoul sex

transcending space and time
broken hearts
shaken minds now
globes of snow
fragmented and falling on fictional destinations
we can no longer go
so we returned to each other
under escaping sunsets that giggle once tickled by twinkling Stars
like tongues on inner thighs
causing us to quiver as we sit on Saturn’s rings
skip rocks in the milky way
that create meteor showers
illuminating passions that pound the earth
like curses on slapped asses
our names are called before
we collapse in exhaled amens while limbs lock in Tantric Sanskrit
tattooed on tongue tips that scribe syllables on spines
counted on fingers still sticky from simulated Senryu
we taste our pleasure before mated mumbles write rhymes for us
choruses repeated as if on rewind
we don’t just make love; we create Love
transcending space and time

© michele mitchell, 2013
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first goodnight forever recalled

first goodnight forever recalled

brown sugar lips

bequeathed peach cobbler kisses

enchanted by the anticipation of autumn

the season for love songs becoming lullabies

now our lips linger under a harvest moon

mine part to gasp at the realization

Stars in your eyes that i first saw

and now recall

were my reflection

© michele mitchell, 2013

prompt: write a poem that captures a specific memory about your first love


***I WAS able to write today. YESSSSSSSS!!!


a choice had to be made

at the fork in the road

past paths personified preposterous processes

once deemed didactic

now damned near destroying

no turning back

no time to grab the bag of ritual rhetoric

no time to tinker with tradition

a choice had to be made

at the fork in the road

right– a rainbow of healing enlightened by Stellar smiles


hope from heaven

left–a reflection of the mistakes in the rear view

objects in mirror are closer than they appear

only if one continues to focus on them

move on

it is all-right

there is nothing left.

© michele mitchell, 2013

For this week’s prompt, write an “on the road” poem. It could be an “on the road again” poem, a la Willie Nelson; or it could be a special new trip. Or an unexpected excursion–good or bad, day or night, etc.

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