freedom in fifteen


pardon my intrusion

the illusion of your lives

shall not be televised

for the next fifteen minutes i advise

you to turn up the radio

i’ll be damned if Love was a river

someone stopped it from flowin

folks are goin out of their way

avoiding riding the waves

afraid of the crashing surf

nothing is worse than

giving up a chance

wading with your eyes closed

trust the Almighty and float


for the next fourteen minutes

believe in heartbeats that skip

butterflies on your spine

giggles that sparkle

wishes on Stars coming true

for the next thirteen minutes


be a Soldier

fight for Love’s right

to have her voice heard

amend the anger

pen the law

for the next twelve minutes be in awe

of how amazing you feel

that the memory of entwined bodies

leaves you reeling



now that i have your attention

for the next eleven minutes

be grateful

someone Loves you







for the next ten minutes

play your favorite Love song

sing alone

then invite your Love

to sing along.

© michele mitchell, 2013


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it all leads to Love

it all leads to Love

the womb of maltilda birthed a radiant child in brooklyn
her lingering wails painted a purple haze over a half moon
shading the world with Love so constellations were guides for souls floating
hopelessly in the sea of hypocrisy lost on the way to tranquility
finding no life there
forced to scribe Peace in the balance of midnight meditations and morning prayers
chanted by a displaced hippie who spread her Light traveling like a gypsy
only to claim the four chambers of his heart home
in between beats she rests to listen his breath beg for a new beginning
the kiss from her lips to his ends his suffering
resuscitates him to set forth on the path to his purpose
they are both radiant children who wail in painted purple hazes over half moons
floating within the Stars
collecting constellations in glass jars
hoping to give Light to those trapped in darkness

© michele mitchell, 2013
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air of truth

air of truth

had to allow it to enter
course through veins
pump through the heart
become purified
slow like meditation
comforts the mind
with understanding
combined with acceptance
embracing beauty
entwined with Peace
in order to exhale
© michele mitchell, 2013

Artwork: “Oxygen” © Star, 2013


not halfway

not halfway

not understanding why you were even drafted
then put on reserve on the bench
only saw time on the field
when others wanted to make you their Star
they padded your contract bumped up your salary
injured you then forced you to play
while they got compensation for your obligation
you don’t deserve to be loved halfway
half a heart won’t sustain your life
half a brain will drive you crazy
in my eyes you are a champion
i cheered for you then
safe with me is your Soul
to carry your Spirit within my Love
is my only goal.

© michele mitchell, 2013
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Photo: Halfway © Star, 2013


what happened

what happened

last year the revered season
tip toed quietly past
no cornucopias
harvest showers
forest foliage photo shoots
just cloud grey blankets
covering sunshine

this year too tired from running
storms tore the blushing from limbs
threw it to the dead ground
where it crunches beneath our feet
mocking the joy that once occurred
while gasping at Autumn rainbows
floating in the Sun

© michele mitchell, 2013

writing prompt:
art work : © November 8th Wedding-Star, 2013


He Renamed Me

He Renamed Me

Jamal wasn’t even my type; he was pretty.
Not in a feminine way, and that doesn’t mean I like ugly men; but I typically prefer the indigo and violet hues of a midnight sky to seduce my twinkling Stars.
Pardon the double entendre, back to Jamal.
Jamal was all of the Autumn hues mixed in one man: amber skin, auburn hair, and emerald eyes. In the late eighties, early nineties he was considered a catch.
But I wasn’t interested in “catching” anyone, and would not even make eye contact with him when I went to visit my best friend at her job.

I can’t stand her now, but that’s another story.

She worked at the gift shop in one of the casinos; Jamal worked security. He had a habit of lingering around the shop. I would window-shop the new watches that would arrive weekly, my best friend and I would admire the cuff watches surrounded by glimmering, rainbow colored crystals, and shake our heads at the prices. The minute Jamal would walk in the store, I would leave.
That went on for about three months.

As I was leaving one evening, Jamal stopped me at the entrance.
“How many times are you going to walk by me and not speak?” He asked with an attitude.
I shrugged my left shoulder and smirked.
If I didn’t know you back then, I was really rude.
“Until, you are worthy to speak to. Now move out of my way, before I get charged for an extra hour of parking.”
Jamal took a step back, chuckled and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and handed it to me, “This will cover you for the next few hours. Will you just talk to me?”
The rage boiled up in me, and I had a hard time containing it.
“Do I look like a hoe to you?! Did you really just offer to pay me for my time?? Fuck I look like?”
I grabbed the hundred and walked off in the direction of the boardwalk so that I could cool off with a walk by the sea. He must have followed me because I heard someone laughing behind me as he tapped my shoulder. I turned around sharply.
“You’re quite a spitfire aren’t you?” He said still laughing.
“You disrespected me!” I spat back.
“Um nooooo, you took that the wrong way. I would never disrespect a lady. Not my style. As a matter of fact, I have something for you.”
Jamal reached into a bag he was carrying on his back and pulled out a large black box. When he opened it, the light of the Moon reflected off each crystal and danced above his head like a kaleidoscope.

It was the watch I had been eyeing for three months or so.
I couldn’t help but smile, “How did you…why did you…”
“Oh so I finally rendered your slick talking behind speechless?”
“No I got a lot more to say…” I said with a fake attitude mainly because the watch was gorgeous.
“Before you tell me off again,” Jamal interrupted, “Can I at least know the name of the lady who is doing so?”
That made me laugh. I sighed and smiled, “Michele.”
“That name does mean a gift from God, but Michele is waaaaay to common. There is nothing about you that says common.”

Nicely played.
“So, I’m going to rename you.”
I chuckled again. Making me laugh more than once back then was quite a feat, “What? Why? And to what?”
Now Jamal was laughing, “Because I need to get your watch inscribed. So meet me back here tomorrow night same time and you will have your watch and your new name.”
Jamal left me standing in the surf confused.
I did go back the next night, but only after the prodding of my former best friend. It seemed that Jamal noticed me from the first time I walked into the shop. He also saw me admire the watch. He also paid a hundred dollars once a week for twelve weeks to buy the watch for me.
I was impressed.

Not impressed enough to meet Jamal alone on the beach however, so I took my best friend and another girl from work with me. We sat on the beach and conversed a while before Jamal showed up grinning from ear to ear.

“You came back! And you bought reinforcements,” he laughed. “Not necessary but smart. I won’t keep y’all long because I am actually just on break. Walk me back to the boards so I can show you what’s inscribed.”

He seemed so pleased with himself it made me smile. When we got back to the boardwalk, Jamal opened the box back up and gave the watch to me to inspect.

The inscription said:

For Thais.

The name is Greek for “to bring forth joy”, which you do every TIME I see you.


The funny thing is Jamal kind of set the bar when it came to renaming me. Until, I became a “Star” in my midnight skies’ eyes.

© Michele Mitchell, 2013

Peace and ShineOn

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now i completely embrace your creation of beauty

from shattered fragments of my past still wet like clay

still sticky on your fingers while you mold and mend me

i long to personify my essence through your eyes

spiraling rainbow, spinning kaleidoscope, classical music carousel,

this pinwheel princess became dizzy from your accolades and adoration

when you were appalled at the maligning of myself

by my self

just as i was horrified at your self crucifixion

hangin your hopes and dreams on the weak nails of weaker women

speaking sickening stereotypes and ridiculous roles at volumes so loud

you waking up singing the song you hate

for it’s stuck in your mind

time for change

here am i

bold and brave with scarves to swathe the crown

you donned me with when i was down

gloss my lips with glitter so my kisses create constellations on your collarbone

if a Star should fall your heart will catch it and caress it in your Spirit

sacral chakras shine seduced by the pulse of our purity

lovemaking becomes a mediation as meaningful as prayer

auras in awe of our afterglow for no one knows which is brighter
how to measure it

if i could paint your portrait

integrity would be your canvas

new hues would mute your pain cover past bruises

name it “MasterPeace”

frame it in forever

sign it with serenity

gift it to you as repayment for reviving me

as a reminder of how remarkable you truly are

© michele mitchell, 2013

Photo credit: Jean-Michel Basquiat “Self Portrait with Suzanne”


* inspired from listening to “Shining Star” by The Roots, Erykah Badu, and D’Angelo*

wrapped in aquamarine waves of contentedness

wishes on Stars keep the Soldier’s footsteps

from land mines in his mind that would twist his thoughts

into winding roads that he ought not travel

his desires are now plans that seem to come unraveled

his heart beats in the street but it’s muted by the gravel

that screeches from the brakes of the chances he doesn’t take

for he’s trapped in a position that he chooses to fake

for the truth is too scary and bliss can’t be free

in the past he learned trusting his feelings was a hypocrisy

so she, in mediation sends sensations so his heart chakra glows

plants manna in his mind so his Spirit grows

waters it with purity

sensual security

she will continue to cultivate his thoughts until the blossoms bloom

knowing nothing will grow if you don’t give it room


plenty of truth

for what use is a flower

if you destroy its roots.

© michele mitchell, 2013

it is now written

supposedly this Indian Summer was more oppressive than those previous


my patio door opened, a cool breeze drifted in

scented with memories of your tranquil smiles and rainfall

i longed to Love you correctly

caress your confidence into the magnificence you meant to magnify

nourish your Spirit so your children would tell tales of your tenacity entwined with your tenderness

banish harlots who extinguished the halo surrounding your aura

oh Prophet of Peace with wisdom etched into you by those who lacked it

some call them scars

i call them paths to righteousness

yes i am speaking of you

writing of you

i am saddened that you even question your God given purpose

hence why He gave me to you

and you named me

my glow will embrace you with Healing light

you are MY Star

and the scent of your memory

keeps me reeling.

© michele mitchell, 2013



it started with a vision

For today’s prompt, write a vision poem. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. I’m sure most poets have a vision of how to make the world a better place. Write that poem today. Can be serious or not so much.

it started with a vision

what would i do to make the world a better place

lennon told me to imagine

king dreamt

id rather BE

be the one Love looks to for affirmation

Peace rests upon

plant pansies along all the paths that lead to nowhere but despair

pull the Stars out of thin air to make the negative spaces between tree branches beam



someone’s reason to believe again


the shudder before the sigh

the answer to his question of why

fly among the angels to eavesdrop on their magic


enchanted philosophy


more than a source of light, but


a basis for illumination

an example, a foundation

to mold the world into a better place

than King could ever dream

or Lennon could imagine

© michele mitchell, 2013