bebe del amore


we would call her isabella

all long curly locks and lashes

fluttering over almond eyes

she would wear a lemon linen

calypso barefoot to the sound of the Sea

skip down cal calle while giggling

choosing sunny orchids to adorn her mane

singing songs that rhymed with her name


dressed in yella

had a secret she could not…

© michele mitchell, 2014


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Sun polishes his beams like Easter shoes

while the blossoms bask in his glory

robins chatter

humming birds flitter among flowers

perfuming the breeze whose chill hides in the shade

pull out the pastels the color of petals

something bout the season slows you to a saunter

welcome Spring

© michele mitchell, 2014


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Just a Rock


“You do know I lost my breath when I saw your name pop up on my phone?” She said blowing smoke through her nose, while furiously typing on her laptop.

“I’m sorry about that, but you are the only person who I know who could help me with this.” He said as he lowered his head onto the steering wheel.

She chuckled and smiled, “And I always told you I would help you. Are you there yet?”

“Yeah, I have been sitting in the parking lot afraid to go in.”

“You should be dammit.” She was toying with him initially. “At this point you should have it memorized.”

“Size seven. Emerald cut. Platinum band.” He said like he was out of breath.

“Do you need me to come there with you? I can. But there’s really no need to be this nervous. She Loves YOU. Not your words, not a tortured piece of coal, YOU. You could get her a malachite set in silver and she would ADORE it. But there is one thing you should know.”

His whole body tensed up, “What’s that?”

“It’s about damn time.”


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The Power of Magic


James could still hear the baby wailing as he locked the door behind him. His wife’s words were like an obnoxious alarm clock buzzing in his ears.

You need to do something James.

Aren’t you tired of living like this?

What kind of man are you anyway?

He pulled his wool hat over his ears. It muffled the baby’s cries. But his head still echoed with all the insults and insinuations. It infuriated him. He wrapped his hand around the pistol he hand in his jacket pocket as he pushed open the door of the corner store.

Instead of the normal sleigh bells that would bang against the glass. He heard a twinkling. James frowned slightly and pushed his hat back off of his ears. He took a deep breath and was startled by the aroma of newborn clouds and cotton candy James’ eyes darted around the store, but he saw no one. Then he heard the twinkling again; he whipped around quickly.

And came face to face with Magic.

Magic looked like just what one would imagine him to look like. His dark clothing flowed from his body and had its own aura surrounding it that glimmered like shooting Stars. He had the face of a cherub except with a long ivory beard with strands of silver woven within it.

As he went to place his hand on James’ shoulder, his arm left a trail of indigo in the now completely dark store.

More twinkling before Magic spoke.

“Your rent and utilities have been paid for a year. Groceries will be delivered once a week .At the end of the year, they will start building along the waterfront and will need a foreman at the site.”

The only condition is that you let me train you for a year…

© michele mitchell, 2014


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pear atrium (3 part tanka)


oh immortal pear

magnetic towards all nature

to lengthen our lives

we will never divide it

our bond is unbreakable

within the aching

como los peces nadan

open up the heart

taste the freedom of a choice

sipping the nectar of Love

so drink until quenched

tis naturally Spiritual

sharing desires

ceasing the hunger within

as we bite into the skin

© michele mitchell, 2014

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intimate stranger


There’s a guy sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper. Next to him was knapsack. I smiled at him and he winked at me.

“Would you care to sit here?” He asked moving the bag onto his lap. His eyes were a sparkling hazel, and they made his copper complexion glow. His red locks were carefully tucked under his cap.

“I don’t want to disturb you,” I said.

“You haven’t and you won’t. Come sit. Share my lunch.”

As I sat down, I tucked my sundress beneath me, “No I couldn’t.”

He smiled, “But you’re hungry.”

I looked at him quizzically, “But how…”

“And don’t worry about that man. He sincerely Loves you. He just needs some time to comprehend he is worthy of you.”

Stunned, I watched him reach into his bag and he pulled out a sandwich wrapped in tin foil and a small thermos, “It’s tuna fish on a Kaiser roll. I have some rippled potato chips in here as well.”

“They’re my…”

“Favorites. I know. Do you want to guess what is in the thermos, or should I tell you?”

“Is it grape juice?”

He smiled, and unwrapped the sandwich giving me half along with some chips on a napkin, “Help yourself to the grape juice. My bus is coming.”

“But what is your name?” I asked frantically seeing a bus rounding the corner.

“My friends call me, Joe. And watch the pigeons before they eat the other half of the sandwich.”

I turned around to shoo the pigeons away, but they took off in the other direction. Thank God, because I am scared of pigeons. When I turned back around, the bus was away and Joe was gone. I prayed that he knew how grateful I was to him, but I wondered how he knew all of those things about me. I went back to the bench, twisted open the thermos, but when I went to take a sip a folded index card hit me in the lip. I took it out, opened it and read:

St. Joseph is the patron saint of answered prayers

There is another thermos in the bag with your grape juice.

God says you’re welcome.


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excitement was scented with white linen spray, crushed, black, leather and peppermints

my cheek dotted by the soft pink of grams’ good lipstick

gramps’ smile serenaded by tenor songs and pockets jingling with keys

sneaking the twenty dollar bill in a whisper on grams neck regarding burgers and barbies

visited the chilly, cherry colored booth with pure vanilla bean malts, perfectly salte and crinkle cut fries

descriptions of the white blouse that never existed or disappeared between seasons

dime for the pay phone to call for the ride home

standing on the sidewalk waiting for the winter wonderland to arrive

© michele mitchell, 2014

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afterglow giggles


He laughed in my face, and it made me feel weak. He didn’t do it intentionally, but he was always stunned with my stamina. I was always shocked at his willingness to oblige me. He said I exhausted him; but that didn’t stop him from attempting to exhaust me. I was insatiable. We both knew it.

The laugh came after my question:

If we Love each other so much, why don’t you just move in?

His response was

Woman, we would never get anything done. It already takes me damn near a week to recover from you. You trying to send me into early retirement?

Oh it wouldn’t be that bad. I’m sure after the first month or so we’d be so sick of it, we will want to sleep.

He laughed in my face, then kissed me again, and it made me weak.

© michele mitchell, 2014





The scent of lavender was overpowering, but she hadn’t slept in days. She left the French doors open on the balcony as she sipped her chamomile tea. Booking this room was the best idea she had in a long time. It removed her from the daily hustle and bustle of city life, and most of all, it got her away from him. He was a high powered executive who made deals and dealt with large sums of money all day long. The only time he wasn’t wheeling and dealing was when he was tired. Then he would whisk her away on trips to Vegas to wheel and deal and make more money to lavish her with expensive gifts. He would toss thousand dollar chips and tell her to buy anything she wanted, but only after he fucked her for hours leaving indigo bruises on her inner thighs.

She took the hope chest out from under her bed, asked the pilot of his private jet to take her back to Vegas, where she cashed all of her chips, left everything, but gained Peace with each sip and every inhale.

© michele mitchell, 2014

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