imagine muted sadness

songs unheard

poems unwritten


dance frozen

palettes dried

cracking like desert sand

caught in throat

hard to swallow

truth of self

speak to the sky

whisper to the sea

inhale their reply

exhale whirlwinds

pirouette around the Earth

sing with Spring robins

make melodies

dance with the Divine

paint His portrait

drink the Living water

be you

a great Creation

gift of the Universe

© michele mitchell, 2014


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ode to the vendor


eight stops away

from fruit to fendi

scented oils, CD’s

barters, bargains and smiles

when faces are recognized and names are recalled


his name was bilal

saw the amazement in my gaze at the intricate African emblems

that i couldn’t wear

was not aware that behind his stare he made magic


next week he called me by name

adorned my neck with an intricate emblem of Italy

gave me a large bottle of Egyptian musk for free

just so we could trade smiles

new laws forced the removal of vendors




just grimaces rushing by to be encased by steel skyscrapers

not looking up from their sale papers

why do they still call it market street?

© michele mitchell, 2013


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sound response

sound response

swooping gulls lamented for those who lost their faith
carrying prayers into the endless blue hue where hope meets the horizon
angelic songs float upon the rippling sea lulling the Universe to give God
requests which rumble within waves of thought which He answers
within the whispers of the soft surf
© michele mitchell 2013

Poetry Prompt: (Sound Off-12/17)
Photo: Pacific Ocean © “Star” 2012


somewhere out there

ambivalence collided with apathy
souls shifted from the tipping of a see-saw
forcing cluster fucks to mock intimacy
we all need space
the final frontier
where there
is not now
nor is it planned for
get it while you can
give me all you got
then disappear
people only lose their light when blinded
Stars never need to be reminded to shine
find the recipe for Truth
mix Love and Light thoroughly
add adversity then pressure
watch the galaxy grow, glow
a supernova then explodes
rebirthing Stars to hang Hope upon
for whispered wishes.
© michele mitchell, 2013
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six minutes up the freeway
lies discarded hope in sunrises tainted with grey
dreams die in conversations poked by splintered stoops
plans popped like balloons by pipes or needles
wasn’t always that way

six minutes up the freeway
b-boys and fly girls danced, sung, kissed, clung to each other
fairytale lover bass lines bumped out of open trunks
sips were passed around in red cups
till tipsiness and bravado brought bullets and cops out

we went in tiny kitchens played spades for days
mommies made potato salad while daddies barbequed
babies weren’t born to babies who no one buried before their time

six minutes up the freeway
stench of abandoned buildings, heavy burdens, and broken households, blankets the air
trapped there by a system that cages young sons scraping for a way out of poverty
imagine the irony created by desperation, corruption, poor education, apathy
no longer notice the skyline or if the sunrises in skylines tainted in grey
even when the sun sets there’s still no hope in the horizon
six minutes up the freeway

© michele mitchell, 2013

Photo credit: Page by Glen Marszalowicz


free yourself

free yourself

(Double Acrostic)

Finally recognized value of selF
Realized that you are indeed a jeweL
Exquisite onyx with an immaculate, natural shinE
Enslaved into dullness by your obligationS
You deserve so much betteR
Officially break free from the S.N.A.F.U.
Understand that men are allowed to receive Love toO
Rewrite your destinY
Scribe your futurE
Edit the mistakE
Leave the past at the back dooR
Free yourselF

© michele mitchell, 2013

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always yielding

always yielding

even when others prove
consistently inconsistent.

nowhere in the Bible does it say
thou shall be a doormat
porch to place problems upon

now demanding a detour
here are the signs
wrong way
do not enter
stay in your lane
better yet

© michele mitchell, 2013
Poetry Prompt:


beautiful lie

beautiful lie

as he left
i said don’t wait too long to come back
understanding that there’s not enough time
some days
plane trips are replaced by lifted Spirits
as our Love creates paradise in a lingering kiss
don’t want to miss him anymore
the melody of my name moaned in pleasure
is on repeat like our favorite song
that was sung to me while rubbing my shoulders
making picture perfect memories
said don’t wait too long to come back
never wanted him to leave
we have a life to create

© michele mitchell, 2013
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air of truth

air of truth

had to allow it to enter
course through veins
pump through the heart
become purified
slow like meditation
comforts the mind
with understanding
combined with acceptance
embracing beauty
entwined with Peace
in order to exhale
© michele mitchell, 2013

Artwork: “Oxygen” © Star, 2013


not halfway

not halfway

not understanding why you were even drafted
then put on reserve on the bench
only saw time on the field
when others wanted to make you their Star
they padded your contract bumped up your salary
injured you then forced you to play
while they got compensation for your obligation
you don’t deserve to be loved halfway
half a heart won’t sustain your life
half a brain will drive you crazy
in my eyes you are a champion
i cheered for you then
safe with me is your Soul
to carry your Spirit within my Love
is my only goal.

© michele mitchell, 2013
Prompt :
Photo: Halfway © Star, 2013