still His plan (Daily Prompt-If I Had A Hammer)


not blueprints but emerald for starters

hearts’ desires should gleam

foundations with the strongest beams

Love faith and trust

must be built from the basement

drain pipes for washing away the past

starting clean

kneel in a rooted room in meditation and prayer

nowhere to go but up

living, loving, lounging

big bay windows letting in breezes and sunshine

connected to our preparation for nourishment

balcony overlooking the Stars which reflect in the Sea

brunches with fruit tea, omelets, biscuits with jam

the sun will set into the sand leaving red wine in the sky and on our lips

staircase will twist to our chamber with another view of the Universe as God blesses

natural intimacy and the Spiritual beauty of relaxing baptisms

each of the remaining three chambers your seeds will grow in strength

blossom with fruit rooted in truth to share with children of their own

i would build that home for you

but our hearts built it a long time ago

© michele mitchell, 2014


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Peace, Love, Understanding (Ghazal)


sultry summer kiss ignited our new Love

over years we kept it aflame admitting this is true Love


trials, tribulations, sordid situations forced us apart

holding on to fragments of broken hearts. what to do, Love?


soothing the painful past with our passion that lasted

along with patience, faith and trust we’ll make it through, Love


too many had betrayed or may have led your heart astray

i understand as that had happened to me too, Love


but once you wished on that Star, Peace no longer seemed far

and i promise to illuminate solace for you, Love


© michele mitchell, 2014

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milking the way


floating somersaults

leave glowing auras

screaming pleas of  fleeing comets

streak the sky with  ransom notes

rushing meteors laugh at the wishes of fools

there is no place like home

we tip toe on Stars like spiral staircases  to Mars

just to find there’s no one there

all that rotation leaves us Dizzy

brassy and brazen so we stop drop and roll

grab the brass rings of Saturn which aren’t worth a thing

so let’s pawn them for Pluto

who is depressed from his downsizing

tell him Sun is a Star that is always rising

tilt him towards the light to see

floating somersaults and night time dismounts on the moon

soon perfection will not be judged by the bias of others

but for now the Russian judge still withholds that half point

floating somersaults are the closest we can get to flying

…and it’s worth the risk.

© michele mitchell, 2014


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poems with purpose


all created with flaws, shortcomings

no idea where to go, how to get there

if the arrival was soon, delayed, or would one meander about dismayed

directions were sketchy no examples to follow, no signs

minds had to change along with the path to Peace and Joy

take the high road Forgiveness and Love

i do not wish for one to walk within my footsteps

that trip would be a difficult journey to most

as i barely survived

while i am alive borrow what i scribe as a guide to right

wrongs of those who thwarted the writing of songs

which would hum to Spirits like hymns

releasing the glow from within

beginning the process of Oneness

passing this realm into the next

leaving a trail of bright Light as I leave

praying others will believe in their purpose

and follow.

© michele mitchell, 2014


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Stranger Than My Fiction


Every day, I wake up, put on my uniform and smile. My gait is swift as I deliver the neighborhoods wishes and wants from my sack. It’s better than being Santa Claus.

And I smile.

My customers await me with open arms eager to make pleasant conversation as they let their dogs back in the house. They offer a hand with the bulky packages. We don’t speak about the weather because it is always sunny, but not hot not cold , never humid.

And pollen?


I smile. Because although the sun is still shining, there is no glare on the drive home.

Home- a beautiful, clean, comfortable place of solace. My kids are in their rooms doing their homework while the aroma of my favorite meal drifts from the kitchen and makes my mouth water.

And I smile.

After dinner, a hot bath awaits me as my clothes are pressed for work the next day. I meditate and pray then get rubbed down in lavender oil before I climb in my bed and hold her. Breathe in her essence. She’s the writer, but she edited my world for me.

And I smiled.

For real.


© michele mitchell, 2014


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(your) lucky star (double acrostic)


Let me first grant you the gift of bliss foreveR

Unleashing Love and passion in a free utopiA

Caring for your mind, body, soul and SpiriT

Kings like you deserve nothing lesS

Your second wish will be to fulfill your destinY

Sadly set aside for your desire to make things worK

Thirdly our making Love will be nothing short of poetiC

Afterglows shall be scribed in haikU

Relinquishing my wishes to renew your faith that Twinflames and Soulmates are reaL

© michele mitchell, 2014


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His plan for me (pantoum)


i always danced along my path

imagined it was a rainbow

the Creator has my golden treasure

waiting for me upon completion

imagined it was a rainbow

wrapped around a setting sun

waiting for me upon completion

as the breezes whispered amen

wrapped around a setting sun

my prayers were illuminated

as the breezes whispered amen

i searched for the Stars

my prayers were illuminated

so what if darkness casted shadows

i searched for the Stars

and i didn’t miss a step

so what if darkness casted shadows

the Creator has my golden treasure

and i didn’t miss a step

i always danced along my path

© michele mitchell, 2014

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Other Paths


twinflames not tinkertoys


stress loops nightmares into your subconscious

manifesting into  realities

this can no longer be

slumber should be your sacred solace

structured simply from my soul

constructed with care

created prayer whispers

allowing your mind to coincide with your heart

one kiss upon your temple and your soul opens

releasing burdens to be replaced with blessings

enabling you to fight your fears and win

defeating the demons designed for your demise

filled with lies and obligations

one kiss upon your lips and your soul sighs

you realize you deserve this

deserve bliss

what have you been missing

letting life pass you by

one kiss upon your thigh

then on your chest

you relax after the best has been given and received

now you can breathe

shackles of manufactured manhood are broken

be free to choose your destiny

© michele mitchell, 2014


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the nooks


the Sun seems to be struggling

yet comforting is its light

warming skin

putting sparkles in eyes that stare out the window

remembering the way the trees waved

see you later to your shadow

once the lingering kiss in the doorway


our afterglow keeps us illuminated

your breath upon my cheek

creates a soft rhythm of solace

accompanying our joined heartbeats

entwined limbs and kisses on fingertips

necks and nipples

giggling and wiggling closer

together in our nook

where our Light never struggles

we sighed

© michele mitchell, 2014

photo by ©“star” 2014


it will flow

it will flow

dearest hippie gypsy poet,

because everything has meaning
you have noticed the color of this bottle is green
it must have sparkled like emeralds in the summer sun
as your heart is also filled with light
hence why the one for whom your heart belongs
named you Star.

you are often called to the Sea
it is your home
listen for your Father’s instructions
in the whispers of the waves
embrace your place amongst the prophets
provide Peace
show Faith
express Joy
Be Love
personify the truth of the universe
in verse
back in the bottle
back to the sea with instructions to follow.
© michele mitchell 2014

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