not halfway

not halfway

not understanding why you were even drafted
then put on reserve on the bench
only saw time on the field
when others wanted to make you their Star
they padded your contract bumped up your salary
injured you then forced you to play
while they got compensation for your obligation
you don’t deserve to be loved halfway
half a heart won’t sustain your life
half a brain will drive you crazy
in my eyes you are a champion
i cheered for you then
safe with me is your Soul
to carry your Spirit within my Love
is my only goal.

© michele mitchell, 2013
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Photo: Halfway © Star, 2013


Tanka: if you attach reciprocity to Love…

Tanka: if you attach reciprocity to Love…

it becomes heavy
weighed down by obligation
unable to fly
like a bird with broken wings
longing to return back home

© michele mitchell, 2013

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