In case I never provided you with an explanatioN
Never do I have the desire to intentionally forgO
Satisfying your Spirit with scripture or the Love poems of RumI
Praying for your endurance and the strength not to quiT
I am indebted to you for reigniting my heart chakrA
Recognized our Love is inscribed in foreveR
Always, then, and now. This union balances our chI
Then entwines our bodies and Souls in our sleeP
Illuminating the melding of our auraS
Only with you do I feel so close to heaveN
No other have you inspired more than I

© michele mitchell, 2013

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november duet

november duet

jazz in autumn wears a disguise
sunshine cloaked brass notes
souls who sleep snuggling on Sunday mornings
before biscuits, butter and marmalade are shared
coffee sipped like secrets
smiles and giggles scat affirmations
create lyrics under blankets warmed by true Love
whoever called jazz cool
never crooned with you

© michele mitchell, 2013
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the muse

the muse

wrote a poem

wiped the tears from my eyes

whispered i love you

between embraces and trembling lips

your frame in my doorway

exhales as you caressed my skin

bodies entwined while tongue tips touched

moans mated with my mine

surprise shudders and smiles on a Sunday

© michele mitchell, 2013

Poetry Exercise – Write a poem that starts at the end, moving backwards.

Poetry prompt:

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