demons disguised as every man

hands that scorch, scratch, confine

beat, batter, bruise, break

all from lips with kisses laced with lies

real Love isn’t supposed to sting

bring fear to the forefront

no longer wanting to be touched

a parallel heart with similar scars

crossed a Star filled path and skipped a beat

revived a rhythm

composed a symphony

penned poems

recognized real Love lyrics again

he knows

all the pain



he Loves





so we decided to Love again


©michele mitchell, 2014

Prompt: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/baggage-check/

Photo Credit: the-white-bench.blogspot.com

mothers would approve (daily prompt) tale of two cities


his Spirit exhales winds of picassos over an otherwise warm smile

low pressure innocence giving way to exploited tears falling in his winter

rainbow rain grows stunning roses picked for pleasure left as a symbol of Peaceful rest

one Thanksgiving he must have missed me by a decade and the east river

longing to dip the tips of his locks in bebop and sunshine

making murals on my lofty walls

in greenwood heights

viajo a rincón para vivir

my twin flame waits on our backyard beach

inhaling freedom for the first time in years

children build sandcastles out of safe surfside giggles

truthful foundations


whimsy and fulfilled dreams

baby picasso now breathes in Sea breezes

speaking in his mothers’ tongue, he blesses our union with rainbow rain and a sunny smile

his final masterpiece releases me with Love in time.

©michele mitchell, 2014

Prompt: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/a-tale-of-two-cities/

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truth in the sincere smile

embrace that unites the rhythm of heart beats

kiss that lingers a little longer on lips that whisper

i’ve missed you

i Love you too

joyful tears

sad sigh before separation

the hesitation at the door

promise of a swift return


the belief our Spirits are joined


© michele mitchell, 2014

Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/reason-to-believe/

Song Credit: Believe  © Raheem DeVaughn

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spicy passion: daily prompt


the first Dawn of Winter

begged to enter the kitchen window

confused by the seduction of miles’

stella by Starlight

the scent of coffee and the swaying of hips

we two-stepped on stray sunbeams striping the floor

cutting board full of chopped onions


mushrooms and other jewels from the Harvest

garden that later sizzled in the skillet for folded omelets

patatas fritas picantes

sharing soothing slices of naranjas

betwixt each other’s teeth

leading to lingering kisses

t’was the first Dawn of Winter





© michele mitchell, 2014

Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/ring-of-fire/

Photo credit: quickiechick.com

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Spring stroll


sidewalks shaded with the shoeprints of lovers

seem to entwine like fingers within hands held

there a two-step under falling blossoms

spins and dips stir sweet scents and smiles

leadito secret paths down dandelion dotted hills

goose bumps less caused by evening chills

more from butterflies swarming around

heart chakras and the Stars in their eyes

don’t sit under the apple tree

with anyone else but me…anyone




© michele mitchell, 2014

Photo credit www.natures-desktop.com


Why Religion is better than Spirituality??-Not THIS AGAIN!!!


***enter usual disclaimers about not meaning to offend anyone here***

I was surfing the web, but I honestly don’t remember what wave I was riding. However, I am almost sure I was coasting somewhere close to meditation techniques. On the side bar of the webpage I saw a link that said (I am paraphrasing):

Why Religion is better than Spirituality

I raised an eyebrow. Okay I am lying, I am not genetically predisposed to raise one eyebrow at a time.

I smirked.

Then clicked on the link.

Again, I briefly skimmed the article until it got to the thesis which basically stated (paraphrasing):

Spiritualists lack the organization to come together to help the community like a local church can.

And I clicked the damn X on the page.

There are a myriad of reasons why I clicked the X, but for brevity sake, I will provide one or two examples:

1-A teenager was excommunicated from her church because it was discovered that she was pregnant. I did not know you could kick anyone out of a baptist church. I thought only catholics did that. But, by all means, feel free to correct me if I am wrong. That was a time in her life that she needed to be Loved and supported the most.

I just…can’t.

2-A co-worker and close friend of mine was living with her children’s father. She was being physically and mentally abused, and the father even threatened that if she left, he would take their children and disappear. She was terrified to call the police or go to a shelter for fear of retaliation before she had a chance to get away. During her free time at work, because she wasn’t able to do research at home, she found an apartment in another state. All she needed was money for a moving trailer and the security deposit. After offering her some money, I suggested that she ask our church for assistance with the rest. I thought for sure they would help out a new member with getting her life together.

I was sickened by the church’s response.

Apparently, my friend did not tithe regularly, and therefore, the church refused to help her.

Wow!!! How Loving!! How Christian!!

What would Jesus say? Better yet, to use a coined phrase (pun intended):

What Would Jesus Do??

After pondering that question, a group of us “unorganized Spiritual folk” took up a collection for her. It was enough for her to make the trip, and move into her apartment. We also were able to get a grocery store card for her and her children.

Furthermore, no matter WHO your higher power is, isn’t the WHOLE point of all his/her/it’s teachings to LOVE one another??

Oh my friend? We didn’t hear from her for a while because she was so afraid of being found., but about six months later, I got an email from her at work. She thanked us profusely and told us they were all safe, and she was even going to school to be a counselor for abused women.

So much for Spiritualists lack of organization.



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still His plan (Daily Prompt-If I Had A Hammer)


not blueprints but emerald for starters

hearts’ desires should gleam

foundations with the strongest beams

Love faith and trust

must be built from the basement

drain pipes for washing away the past

starting clean

kneel in a rooted room in meditation and prayer

nowhere to go but up

living, loving, lounging

big bay windows letting in breezes and sunshine

connected to our preparation for nourishment

balcony overlooking the Stars which reflect in the Sea

brunches with fruit tea, omelets, biscuits with jam

the sun will set into the sand leaving red wine in the sky and on our lips

staircase will twist to our chamber with another view of the Universe as God blesses

natural intimacy and the Spiritual beauty of relaxing baptisms

each of the remaining three chambers your seeds will grow in strength

blossom with fruit rooted in truth to share with children of their own

i would build that home for you

but our hearts built it a long time ago

© michele mitchell, 2014

Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/hammer/

Photo Credit: varied internet sources

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if i came after brooklyn-the daily prompt


it would be a lofty travel

migrating to manhattan

the twelfth of august nineteen eighty-eight

yet i wouldn’t waste a moment

replacing the needle with my kiss

heal his pain with my Heart

setting adrift in pacific waves

maui palm trees Peace and serenity

sail to the maldives, listen to mooji, make Love as to combine Souls

paint your crown with jewels carved out of auras

our skin glistening with gold

precious stones from glass beach sprinkled in our hair

shaken atop a table cloth at alle testiere while sharing tiramisu

sips of merlot

whispers on a gondola

stamps on a passport

before reuniting with our Source.

© michele mitchell, 2014

Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/the-wanderer/

Photo: “In Italian” © Jean Michel Basquiat

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Stubborn Love


First of all let me say that whoever is writing these daily prompts needs to be flogged (lol). I can NOT get these 80’s MTV songs out of my head.

Secondly, maybe they are doing so because they are sick of my poetry, because it is becoming increasingly harder to write poems on these topics.

Now, what am I stubborn about? It’s gonna sound corny, (I guess) but Love. Now I am not talking about the “I’ma stalk your life obsessed kinda love, but more of an overall type of Love.

I wasn’t always this way. My love was very conditional. A give and take sort of Love. It could be as simple as the morning in winter. If it was a cold Monday and I had to go to work, I was angry and hated the day. (Poor Mondays, they get a bad rap). Now, I look at Mondays in a whole new light. It is the beginning of the week, so it can be considered a “do over. It can be cold out and be just as beautiful. The crisp air filling my lungs to remind me how fascinating and intricate Life is. This could be said of any day in any season. Just think about the beauty of each day and how it is a gift.

People are also gifts. Yes, their behavior sometimes isn’t and some people can be inherently evil, but they can be used as an example of how not to be. So I try not to hate people. (Sh*t it gets increasingly hard sometimes especially if those “people” hurt people I Love. Then you will see another part of me.)

I Love making others happy. And very recently, I have learned to make myself happy as well. In the morning, I have to have my quiet time. I take my meds,  make a cup of coffee (Hi The Culture Monk!!) write then read (or vice versa) and basically just chill out. If I have a migraine, (which happens frequently) I’ll go back to sleep. Now, of course I don’t Love being sick. But I am in Love with being alive, so that makes appreciate little things that most people may overlook.

Why am I so “positive”? Well besides the obvious, (read my about page). Have you ever been around someone who is miserable? Someone who cannot find one thing to be happy about? Who will make an excuse or debate you when you try to point out the positive? Ugh.

They say happiness is a choice, and I believe that. So why would someone consciously choose to be unhappy and hate his/her life?

Now, I am gonna look for a poetry prompt.

Peace and Shine On!!!


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