spicy passion: daily prompt


the first Dawn of Winter

begged to enter the kitchen window

confused by the seduction of miles’

stella by Starlight

the scent of coffee and the swaying of hips

we two-stepped on stray sunbeams striping the floor

cutting board full of chopped onions


mushrooms and other jewels from the Harvest

garden that later sizzled in the skillet for folded omelets

patatas fritas picantes

sharing soothing slices of naranjas

betwixt each other’s teeth

leading to lingering kisses

t’was the first Dawn of Winter





© michele mitchell, 2014

Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/ring-of-fire/

Photo credit: quickiechick.com

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not a second thought was given


breakfast is an important favorite

maybe that’s cliché ,but six am is way too early

minus twelve degrees is too damn cold

not to have fuel for his body, peace of mind

or at least a cup of coffee

the least that could be done was drive further down the road

where smiles were still seduced by golden arches

mcmuffins and hash browns taste like heaven

though the coffee still tastes like battery acid

receiving the warmest smile and sincere blessings from God

as his “work for food sign” was used as a seat for at least a minute or so

©michele mitchell, 2014

prompt: http://wordpress.com/read/post/id/489937/67564/

photocredit: www.thedailyeconomist.com


november duet

november duet

jazz in autumn wears a disguise
sunshine cloaked brass notes
souls who sleep snuggling on Sunday mornings
before biscuits, butter and marmalade are shared
coffee sipped like secrets
smiles and giggles scat affirmations
create lyrics under blankets warmed by true Love
whoever called jazz cool
never crooned with you

© michele mitchell, 2013
Photo credit: http://www.camdengreenways.org/progress.html

Love food

you were already sleeping

so i left the light on

realized that preparing breakfast was noisy





wait, that was the hour prior


inspiration for biscuits made from scratch, baked with Love, topped with turkey sausage gravy

fresh orange juice

i squeezed it myself with the same passion your hands squeezed mine

when it was time


i returned to you the sheet pulled up to your chin

sleepy boyish grin widened into a smile as you took

your plate

i was wondering where you went

ashamed i was too loud

you heard me?

you replied by giving me a taste of your food

then brushed the corner of my mouth with your thumb

shook your head slightly then whispered

i felt you leave

then you kissed me

you deserve breakfast every morning

© michele mitchell, 2013