grown in november


adorned in the azure shade of the sky

accessorized with tinkling piano keys

sunbeams and a smile.

sated sassafras scented sighs

mingle with earthy


bass notes and heartbeats.

free Spirit skips with chimes on her anklet

cinnamon leaves swirl under the setting apricot sun

glazing giggles to be shared with coffee



swaying in a brassy note filled breeze.

© michele mitchell, 2014

Prompt: The Daily Post: 365 Days of Writing Prompts-March 6

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chelepalooza celebration

chelepalooza celebration

there’s a week in november when firework hues are introduced to foliage
their branches stretch to caress skies shaded in robin egg shell exhales
holding the remaining lingering rays of Summer in it’s mouth
until it’s cheeks are puffy like clouds that whisper breezes on the back of your neck
scented with cayenne pepper, okra, and stewed tomatoes simmering with sausage,
seafood, and mama’s smiles combined with cornbread in red lit corners speakeasies
where folks can’t wait to cast a spell on crimson shadows that will grind past midnight
kermit creeps up thighs while seducing spines to arch then shiver into slumber
we wake, begin again, seducing mardi gras to arrive early spicing up a born day to linger for the brightest week in Autumn
welcome to chelepalooza
next round is on me.
© michele mitchell, 2013

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…is beautiful

…is beautiful

there was sunshine, laughter and a kiss
only things missing were the words
thought you heard innuendo tossed in the air
but it was partly cloudy

years later the forecast called for clear skies
you were surprised when i boldly asked
why is it i always kiss you first

your smile put me at ease
when you said let’s change that
pardon me if i am forever forward

© michele mitchell 2013
poetry prompt:
photo credit : autumn rainbow © “Star”


what happened

what happened

last year the revered season
tip toed quietly past
no cornucopias
harvest showers
forest foliage photo shoots
just cloud grey blankets
covering sunshine

this year too tired from running
storms tore the blushing from limbs
threw it to the dead ground
where it crunches beneath our feet
mocking the joy that once occurred
while gasping at Autumn rainbows
floating in the Sun

© michele mitchell, 2013

writing prompt:
art work : © November 8th Wedding-Star, 2013


november duet

november duet

jazz in autumn wears a disguise
sunshine cloaked brass notes
souls who sleep snuggling on Sunday mornings
before biscuits, butter and marmalade are shared
coffee sipped like secrets
smiles and giggles scat affirmations
create lyrics under blankets warmed by true Love
whoever called jazz cool
never crooned with you

© michele mitchell, 2013
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first goodnight forever recalled

first goodnight forever recalled

brown sugar lips

bequeathed peach cobbler kisses

enchanted by the anticipation of autumn

the season for love songs becoming lullabies

now our lips linger under a harvest moon

mine part to gasp at the realization

Stars in your eyes that i first saw

and now recall

were my reflection

© michele mitchell, 2013

prompt: write a poem that captures a specific memory about your first love


hopeless prayer of an Autumn seaside

hopeless prayer of an Autumn seaside

even in sleepy exhales, pray
breathe Light into the darkness,
resuscitate Life into dead wishes hanging on hopeless trees like Autumn leaves
they shall believe they are sunsets floating in the whispers of God to answer the prayers of sleepy exhales…

you are Light

Light is energy

energy is Life




you are Life
achieving truth from dreams
proof from what seems like
ain’t always

ride the waves on seahorses
or on the backs of mermaids
who shall serve purpose to porpoises
on silver tea trays with starfish and marmalade
who sip slowly to savor the flavor of Poseidon’s favor
swaying to sea siren’s songs
although it is wrong

a trap
like selling crack
to pregnant women
hand over fists
that bruise skin
when the money runs out
she is sold into sin
unfortunately recognizable
to kin who avoid her toothless grin
with her hand out

as if she is in prayer
following falling sunsets with her eyes in the Autumn air
but no trees grow in Brooklyn
just hopeless dead wishes
that dry up and turn brown

for there is no Light in the darkness
if you pray in sleepy exhales
and there is no one there to hear it
will it even make a sound

© michele mitchell 2013

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in between seasons

sleepy summer sunrise sent salutations to stripe my bed sheets

seduce my shoulders

wake me with wishes and wonder

wanting one last walk on the beach to save stranded shells yet, willing splatters of harvest rainbows on lingering lush leaves

waving defiantly in the brisk breeze of the newborn season

paying their last homage to the Sun

as i sip caramel coffee listening to Coltrane

wrapped in an indigo robe and notes of golden brass

sending my salutations to Autumn

come on in, stay awhile.

© michele mitchell, 2013