Lovely Blog Award and some other Dopeness!!!


First of all this was a surprise. Shout out to ivyon nominating me. There is just something about her Spirit that is unifying. So again, thank you Ivy!!!

I dunno know the rules to this award, so pardon me if I am haphazard.

Seven Random Facts About Me:

I lost my password to this blog, so it took me a while to get this posted. I have to write up a document, find a picture, copy and paste them both in an email, send it to my phone, then copy and paste in to the WordPress app on my phone. Pain in the a$$? Sure. But I am now addicted to blogging…so hush.

My real name is Michele, but my VSF gave me the nickname “Star”. He is the inspiration for 99.8% of my Love poems.
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is my weakness, I have been known to eat a whole pint in one sitting.

I am really obsessive about my feet and spend a lot of time making sure they are sandal worthy. (blame my VSF’s toe fetish for that…)

I dig Go-Go music, especially the Back Yard Band

Me without coffee in the morning? Yeah, approach with caution.

I am trying to learn Spanish via Rosetta Stone so I can kidnap my VSF and move to Puerto Rico. LOL, hey I manifested the beach house already.

So now I have to nominate seven other bloggers for this award. Okay cool. Bear with me.


Jennifer Farley




Kenton Lewis


Okay well that’s it for now. This took WAAAAAAAY too long for me to write.

Love y’all.



Field of Flowers Award


It takes a long time for me to follow written directions now. (see about page) So I want to apologize to znjavid because initially I thought I was being spammed or something. But I also want to warmly express my gratitude as well. I started following A Mom’s Blog because I adored her ability to transform what some would call “common” into gorgeous imagery through words and/or photos. I am honored she nominated me.

Ok so in order to accept this award, I have to choose seven other bloggers and list them here and give a brief reason why. As I am really new to blogging and am unsure of the etiquette, I won’t go to their individual pages as some of the bloggers are really well established (I think…lol) and I don’t want to bug them. But I will list them here.

More Flowers:

  1. Being Jazzybeatchick Jazz, poetry, and damn tasty looking food. I want to be her when I grow up. J
  2. iithinks It’s like he reads my mind and writes it. (Checks under bed just in case) When I read his work I don’t feel so alone.
  3. tenderheartmusings ∙ I don’t have the words to describe how I feel about her work other than READ HER NOW!!!
  4. Wuji Seshat Nibada Okay when I read his work, I actually get mad…LOL…Magic Incarnate (does that even make sense?) I hope so. READ HIM NOW.
  5. Notes Along The Path One of the first bloggers to welcome me aboard. Her kind words made me feel as if I were safe at home.
  6. The Culture Monk I find myself laughing and agreeing with 98.6 % of what he says. Really!!!
  7. Source of Inspiration She may not know it, but my Spirit feels safe with her nourishing words. I hope she doesn’t think I have stalker tendencies, but I look for her words everyday.

I hope you all enjoy their blogs as much as I do.



Last one

this made me cry…thank you for writing my heart 🙂

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Let’s decide how much life I have got
Can you see me? I am the one in the middle
No! this not a riddle, I am the one, really in the middle
Some green life of my mother, Earth, left in me
Your feet are itching, to suppress me and press me
Hard on the ground, stopping my pulse abruptly
Don’t be so cruel, don’t be a fool
No fuss, but do you know
life on earth depend on us
You have this sense of invincibility
Master of the universe
Writer of this verse
Shame on you
Blame on you
Of all my mother’s woes
She is sick
Dying from, lack of fresh air, clean water
Killing forests is a non starter
What you get,
El Niño, el nina,
polar vortex, Katrina,
Keep denying, keep heading towards me
As I speak up, heave my last few breaths
You decide, upto…

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