“Total Package” -Daily Prompt-Pick Me Up


The irony of this prompt is that I was JUST having a deep conversation via text with my VSF. We have these “textcapades” at least three times a year (or something like that). In these “textcapades” we playfully debate about who is the “doper” person. It is hilarious and sickeningly cute. We both think the other person is “doper”, and we are both blushing at the end of the diatribe.

One of the things he says to me that “gets me every time” is when he calls me the “total package”.

He says I am:





…and he goes on to list various attributes such as my culinary skills etc. Then I interrupt him and say, “but I am brain damaged and crazy” (I know, I know…I’m not good with compliments)

His rebuttal gets me as well:

First of all,even WITH your injury, you are still the most brilliant person I know, and if you are crazy???… I want the whole world to go insane.

Kinda cool huh?



Prompt: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/pick-me-up/

Photo credit: harveysoftware.blogspot.com

In Other Words:


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