mothers would approve (daily prompt) tale of two cities


his Spirit exhales winds of picassos over an otherwise warm smile

low pressure innocence giving way to exploited tears falling in his winter

rainbow rain grows stunning roses picked for pleasure left as a symbol of Peaceful rest

one Thanksgiving he must have missed me by a decade and the east river

longing to dip the tips of his locks in bebop and sunshine

making murals on my lofty walls

in greenwood heights

viajo a rincón para vivir

my twin flame waits on our backyard beach

inhaling freedom for the first time in years

children build sandcastles out of safe surfside giggles

truthful foundations


whimsy and fulfilled dreams

baby picasso now breathes in Sea breezes

speaking in his mothers’ tongue, he blesses our union with rainbow rain and a sunny smile

his final masterpiece releases me with Love in time.

©michele mitchell, 2014


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