Lovely Blog Award and some other Dopeness!!!


First of all this was a surprise. Shout out to ivyon nominating me. There is just something about her Spirit that is unifying. So again, thank you Ivy!!!

I dunno know the rules to this award, so pardon me if I am haphazard.

Seven Random Facts About Me:

I lost my password to this blog, so it took me a while to get this posted. I have to write up a document, find a picture, copy and paste them both in an email, send it to my phone, then copy and paste in to the WordPress app on my phone. Pain in the a$$? Sure. But I am now addicted to blogging…so hush.

My real name is Michele, but my VSF gave me the nickname “Star”. He is the inspiration for 99.8% of my Love poems.
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is my weakness, I have been known to eat a whole pint in one sitting.

I am really obsessive about my feet and spend a lot of time making sure they are sandal worthy. (blame my VSF’s toe fetish for that…)

I dig Go-Go music, especially the Back Yard Band

Me without coffee in the morning? Yeah, approach with caution.

I am trying to learn Spanish via Rosetta Stone so I can kidnap my VSF and move to Puerto Rico. LOL, hey I manifested the beach house already.

So now I have to nominate seven other bloggers for this award. Okay cool. Bear with me.


Jennifer Farley




Kenton Lewis


Okay well that’s it for now. This took WAAAAAAAY too long for me to write.

Love y’all.


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