open and acceptance piece-Daily Prompt-Postaday (last but not least)


this wouldn’t be possible without Love

unconditional believing where there was doubt

Soul nourished Spirit flourished

lotus blossoms appeared to drift on rivers yet, roots

firmly planted led to paths of awakening

wings stretched and strengthened flight was achieved

must soar and explore the self within the Source

as fear passed, free at last to see the reflection of me within you

embracing the reward of our oneness


©michele mitchell, 2014


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book bag boyfriends-kindness of strangers-Daily Prompt


While I was finishing up my undergrad, I decided to take the train to school. It was cheaper than paying for a parking pass. I can’t remember if it was $400 a semester or a year, but either way it was too much money for me. Besides, the train let me off a block away from campus, and I loved walking. Camden sidewalks aren’t conducive for stilettos, so I just put them in the book bag for when I went to work.

In case you weren’t aware, I received my BA in English at Rutgers. Trust me, I am not saying this to brag. I am saying this because my books that were in the book bag consisted of mostly literature anthologies that were easily five to seven pounds. So on any given school day, I had about fifteen to twenty eight pounds on my back. And while I was waiting for my breakfast at the food truck, I let my bag fall to the sidewalk with a thud. This caught the attention of two of the locals.

The first guy was short and really skinny. By his clothing he was either a “user” homeless or both. I came to find out later his name was Winnie. The other guy was dressed better and was well kept. And God forgive me, but I do not remember his name, so I will call him Gus.

Gus was obnoxious to the people on the street. He would speak, almost, yelling at them as if he knew who they were. I found out later Gus had no idea who they were.

Back to the thud of my book bag. Both Winnie and Gus were in awe of the thud it made, and as I were reaching into my back pocket to pay for my breakfast, Winnie tried to pick it up.

Damn Sis, you gotta dead body in there? Gus you try this shit?

I smiled, and that’s when Gus showed off his man strength.

Nah, she just one of dem real smart chicks.

Then he started walking down the block with my bag with Winnie jogging behind him. I started jogging as well.

“Hey, I got it Gus!!” I said a little panicked. I mean he just walked off with hundreds of dollars of books not to mention all my notes. But Gus whipped around sharply, “What building is your first class?”

“Oh no, you don’t…”

“The hell I don’t. My Mom Mom would smack the shit outta me if I let you carry this big ass boulder every day.”

“But I don’t have any mon…”

“Don’t insult me by offering me money. I know we in Camden and all, but there are still kind people here.”

As we reached the front of the building, Gus put my bag down, but Winnie was nowhere to be found. I looked around for him.

“Winnie will be back later. Always is. But one day, Ima buy you somma dem gladiator sandals that tie around your calves. Cuz I know they thick” He said winking at me, “and then I’ll take you to get some seafood when you graduate.”

I smiled and picked up my bag, and gave Gus a hug.

“Thank you Gus.”

“Thank me by learnin sumthin, Sis. See ya tomorrow.”

I saw my buddies every morning until my last semester of school. I found out later from the food truck cook that Winnie was hit by a cab, and Gus got arrested for vagrancy. I never saw them again, but they were good people.


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If I Ruled the World (daily prompt) power of change


matter of fact

there is no matter

it is all mind over matters minus the facts

none of it matters such as opinions

other realms and dominions await

every cell, atom, and inspirational inhalations

respirations that are relinquishing dictatorship thinking

not all paths are parallel and destinations are deceiving

so decide to demolish your preprogramming

if you would see the flaws are more damaging that the good

it matters

change your mind

©michele mitchell, 2014


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salutations Source


an upward glance from the morning window

searches for cues

sky’s hue determines whether songs are sung or meditated upon to compose into prayer

enlightenment to giggle at the dance leaves create in breezy rain

shimmering sunlit silence

shares glances of each season immortalizing Mother’s breath

causing a cascading power seductive enough to root the cycle and balance the bustle of life with the energy of Love

as natural as a glance out the morning window

©michele mitchell, 2014

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demons disguised as every man

hands that scorch, scratch, confine

beat, batter, bruise, break

all from lips with kisses laced with lies

real Love isn’t supposed to sting

bring fear to the forefront

no longer wanting to be touched

a parallel heart with similar scars

crossed a Star filled path and skipped a beat

revived a rhythm

composed a symphony

penned poems

recognized real Love lyrics again

he knows

all the pain



he Loves





so we decided to Love again


©michele mitchell, 2014


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the little girl who dwells inside


little boy within him smiles at her

an amber glow shines

a breath away is her kiss

she skips between floral buckets on the corner

chooses gladiolas over tulips

will not tell her secrets of a beloved prince

golden crowned with copper crayons

coloring a path of yellow brick

leading to a treasure chest

full of dreams

manifested by the woman she is now

he loves her how she is

the amber glow from within his smile

longing for her kiss

a breath away from his lips

©michele mitchell, 2014


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“Total Package” -Daily Prompt-Pick Me Up


The irony of this prompt is that I was JUST having a deep conversation via text with my VSF. We have these “textcapades” at least three times a year (or something like that). In these “textcapades” we playfully debate about who is the “doper” person. It is hilarious and sickeningly cute. We both think the other person is “doper”, and we are both blushing at the end of the diatribe.

One of the things he says to me that “gets me every time” is when he calls me the “total package”.

He says I am:





…and he goes on to list various attributes such as my culinary skills etc. Then I interrupt him and say, “but I am brain damaged and crazy” (I know, I know…I’m not good with compliments)

His rebuttal gets me as well:

First of all,even WITH your injury, you are still the most brilliant person I know, and if you are crazy???… I want the whole world to go insane.

Kinda cool huh?




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mothers would approve (daily prompt) tale of two cities


his Spirit exhales winds of picassos over an otherwise warm smile

low pressure innocence giving way to exploited tears falling in his winter

rainbow rain grows stunning roses picked for pleasure left as a symbol of Peaceful rest

one Thanksgiving he must have missed me by a decade and the east river

longing to dip the tips of his locks in bebop and sunshine

making murals on my lofty walls

in greenwood heights

viajo a rincón para vivir

my twin flame waits on our backyard beach

inhaling freedom for the first time in years

children build sandcastles out of safe surfside giggles

truthful foundations


whimsy and fulfilled dreams

baby picasso now breathes in Sea breezes

speaking in his mothers’ tongue, he blesses our union with rainbow rain and a sunny smile

his final masterpiece releases me with Love in time.

©michele mitchell, 2014


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Lovely Blog Award and some other Dopeness!!!


First of all this was a surprise. Shout out to ivyon nominating me. There is just something about her Spirit that is unifying. So again, thank you Ivy!!!

I dunno know the rules to this award, so pardon me if I am haphazard.

Seven Random Facts About Me:

I lost my password to this blog, so it took me a while to get this posted. I have to write up a document, find a picture, copy and paste them both in an email, send it to my phone, then copy and paste in to the WordPress app on my phone. Pain in the a$$? Sure. But I am now addicted to blogging…so hush.

My real name is Michele, but my VSF gave me the nickname “Star”. He is the inspiration for 99.8% of my Love poems.
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is my weakness, I have been known to eat a whole pint in one sitting.

I am really obsessive about my feet and spend a lot of time making sure they are sandal worthy. (blame my VSF’s toe fetish for that…)

I dig Go-Go music, especially the Back Yard Band

Me without coffee in the morning? Yeah, approach with caution.

I am trying to learn Spanish via Rosetta Stone so I can kidnap my VSF and move to Puerto Rico. LOL, hey I manifested the beach house already.

So now I have to nominate seven other bloggers for this award. Okay cool. Bear with me.


Jennifer Farley




Kenton Lewis


Okay well that’s it for now. This took WAAAAAAAY too long for me to write.

Love y’all.