Why Religion is better than Spirituality??-Not THIS AGAIN!!!


***enter usual disclaimers about not meaning to offend anyone here***

I was surfing the web, but I honestly don’t remember what wave I was riding. However, I am almost sure I was coasting somewhere close to meditation techniques. On the side bar of the webpage I saw a link that said (I am paraphrasing):

Why Religion is better than Spirituality

I raised an eyebrow. Okay I am lying, I am not genetically predisposed to raise one eyebrow at a time.

I smirked.

Then clicked on the link.

Again, I briefly skimmed the article until it got to the thesis which basically stated (paraphrasing):

Spiritualists lack the organization to come together to help the community like a local church can.

And I clicked the damn X on the page.

There are a myriad of reasons why I clicked the X, but for brevity sake, I will provide one or two examples:

1-A teenager was excommunicated from her church because it was discovered that she was pregnant. I did not know you could kick anyone out of a baptist church. I thought only catholics did that. But, by all means, feel free to correct me if I am wrong. That was a time in her life that she needed to be Loved and supported the most.

I just…can’t.

2-A co-worker and close friend of mine was living with her children’s father. She was being physically and mentally abused, and the father even threatened that if she left, he would take their children and disappear. She was terrified to call the police or go to a shelter for fear of retaliation before she had a chance to get away. During her free time at work, because she wasn’t able to do research at home, she found an apartment in another state. All she needed was money for a moving trailer and the security deposit. After offering her some money, I suggested that she ask our church for assistance with the rest. I thought for sure they would help out a new member with getting her life together.

I was sickened by the church’s response.

Apparently, my friend did not tithe regularly, and therefore, the church refused to help her.

Wow!!! How Loving!! How Christian!!

What would Jesus say? Better yet, to use a coined phrase (pun intended):

What Would Jesus Do??

After pondering that question, a group of us “unorganized Spiritual folk” took up a collection for her. It was enough for her to make the trip, and move into her apartment. We also were able to get a grocery store card for her and her children.

Furthermore, no matter WHO your higher power is, isn’t the WHOLE point of all his/her/it’s teachings to LOVE one another??

Oh my friend? We didn’t hear from her for a while because she was so afraid of being found., but about six months later, I got an email from her at work. She thanked us profusely and told us they were all safe, and she was even going to school to be a counselor for abused women.

So much for Spiritualists lack of organization.



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5 comments on “Why Religion is better than Spirituality??-Not THIS AGAIN!!!

  1. Wow, a very moving post indeed and an important one. So many of us are waking up to our spirituality including myself. And spirituality has nothing to do with rules or separation or judgement. I am finding that Love is the only thing we need and what you describe above are true acts of Love from a place of non-judgement.

    This is what the world needs more of. Bravo to you for that!

    Peace be with you this Sunday 🙂


  2. Oh… I do understand this completely. That is a reason that I stopped going to mass, I go when I feel the need and usually don’t bother to listen what the priest is saying but hear only “True Christian must blah bla blah” “We should all feel….blah blah blah…” “…and if we think about this blah blah…” I recal a mass on a Christmas I think – which makes it more bizarre and disgusting, when I was strongly influenced by the things priest was saying about suicide and angrly blaming anyone who would do that…. Feeling very depressed at that time I had a strong urge to get the fuck out of there… I am raised in religion, but now I make a difference between faith and Church. Faith is something I believe in personally and Church is an human institution. I have my opinion on this and I could go about it for hours. 🙂

  3. With you all the way. As for your disclaimer – offending the sort you’re talking talking about would be a worthwhile exercise if it made them think. Unfortunately, they’re so self-righteous it wouldn’t make a dint on their complacency.

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