Summer Spirit-It’s My Party


In case you didn’t know, I am speaking into existence a home on the beach.

My porch will wrap around the house providing a deck area off of the kitchen which has a gorgeous view of the beach. One would only have to walk down a few wooden steps that led to a wooden path. At the end of this path, would be a beautifully crafted bar. I haven’t decided what material it would be made of but it will have wind chimes attached to the roof. There will be a myriad of fruity alcoholic beverages along with the brown liquor for the more masculine guests.

Women will be wearing loose fitting summer attire in an array of colors to represent balance of the Universe. Men, if they should choose, will wear either cream or beige linen outfits since it will more than likely be balmy outside even with the Sea breeze. Shoes, eh, optional since we will be traveling back and forth from sand to porch. If you must wear shoes, flip flops will be just fine. There will be reggae and/or jazz heard from the surround sound speakers on the porch. We will be dancing, swaying, and giggling as our food is being prepared. Hopefully, I will be a full blown pescetarian by then, so there will be a myriad of grilled seafood, vegetable and fruit trays along with a varieties of fondue for dipping delicacies.

Did I mention beside the bar is a hot tub/jacuzzi?  Feel free to take your beverages and relax a while.

As the sun sets, a fire will be built not too far from the water’s edge where will can continue to eat, dance, drink, or dry off after a swim. For those who wish to stay the night, the large mediation room on the bottom floor of my home, is complete with pillows, blankets, and even a few futons. Feel free to freshen up in the large bathroom off of the meditation room for a good night’s sleep.

In the morning, breakfast will be served along with glasses of juice, cups of coffee or flavored teas.

This party is by invitation only and if it is a success will happen once a Summer.

But why wouldn’t it be a success?





Where’s MY Invite??




7 comments on “Summer Spirit-It’s My Party

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  2. I love the photo! Did you speak that into existence too? Can I add tiki torches and oodles of railings on that porch and a swing?
    If i were invited, I’d ignore the meditation room except to snag a couple of cushions and take them outside on the sand, lounge back, and …………………

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