still His plan (Daily Prompt-If I Had A Hammer)


not blueprints but emerald for starters

hearts’ desires should gleam

foundations with the strongest beams

Love faith and trust

must be built from the basement

drain pipes for washing away the past

starting clean

kneel in a rooted room in meditation and prayer

nowhere to go but up

living, loving, lounging

big bay windows letting in breezes and sunshine

connected to our preparation for nourishment

balcony overlooking the Stars which reflect in the Sea

brunches with fruit tea, omelets, biscuits with jam

the sun will set into the sand leaving red wine in the sky and on our lips

staircase will twist to our chamber with another view of the Universe as God blesses

natural intimacy and the Spiritual beauty of relaxing baptisms

each of the remaining three chambers your seeds will grow in strength

blossom with fruit rooted in truth to share with children of their own

i would build that home for you

but our hearts built it a long time ago

© michele mitchell, 2014


Photo Credit: varied internet sources

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