the bloodiest truth


guidelines for this poem

topic: black walk street, Tulsa, OK

10 stanzas

five lines per stanza

no more than six words per line

bullets have no names but bombs do

exploding with pseudo self-evident truths

contingent upon hues of skin

when someone blows up oklahoma

sets sentences according to color

envious blue eyes

combined with cowardly yellow bellies

make spiteful frightful slithering snakes

poisonous fangs pierce brown skinned progress

rip apart hope like paper rainbows

bloody confetti streaked smoky skies

celebrating murdered dreams prior to King

ignited by hate

fueled with fear

leaving burning crosses and questions…

who drops bombs on city blocks??!

empties automatic weapons into homes?

forces fire fighters to flee?

then doesn’t serve time?

oh, never mind…

even hidden history

repeats itself

if it’s effective

no matter how heinous

the stutter

let facts douse your doubt

osage hills, oklahoma

rebuilt their own then thrived

osage avenue, philadephia

cried inside chitlin and scrapple homes

built from shoddy blueprints

drawn with apathy

foundation haunted with screams of five


black babies

right hand of the law

uses a tainted thumb


the truth


no one parts their mouths

asks who pays for sins committed

contingent on the skin’s hue

lady justice isn’t really blind

she just covered her eyes

the firing squad

will be her executioner





© michele mitchell, 2014

Prompt from k/d/morris

Photo credit:


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