The Power of Magic


James could still hear the baby wailing as he locked the door behind him. His wife’s words were like an obnoxious alarm clock buzzing in his ears.

You need to do something James.

Aren’t you tired of living like this?

What kind of man are you anyway?

He pulled his wool hat over his ears. It muffled the baby’s cries. But his head still echoed with all the insults and insinuations. It infuriated him. He wrapped his hand around the pistol he hand in his jacket pocket as he pushed open the door of the corner store.

Instead of the normal sleigh bells that would bang against the glass. He heard a twinkling. James frowned slightly and pushed his hat back off of his ears. He took a deep breath and was startled by the aroma of newborn clouds and cotton candy James’ eyes darted around the store, but he saw no one. Then he heard the twinkling again; he whipped around quickly.

And came face to face with Magic.

Magic looked like just what one would imagine him to look like. His dark clothing flowed from his body and had its own aura surrounding it that glimmered like shooting Stars. He had the face of a cherub except with a long ivory beard with strands of silver woven within it.

As he went to place his hand on James’ shoulder, his arm left a trail of indigo in the now completely dark store.

More twinkling before Magic spoke.

“Your rent and utilities have been paid for a year. Groceries will be delivered once a week .At the end of the year, they will start building along the waterfront and will need a foreman at the site.”

The only condition is that you let me train you for a year…

© michele mitchell, 2014


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