against the grain/instead of the prompt


so today’s prompt is to retell a story about “your first crush”…cute… but I didn’t want to do that…I don’t celebrate Valentines Day because I think it’s stupid. All year long I am Loved and I Love back, so I don’t need overpriced roses (I prefer lilies and orchids anyway) cheap chocolate in a cheaper box to have my VSF express how much he Loves me…my Love can’t be purchased nor do I hold it over his head like an obligation that drops at the first sign of deviation or loss of control.

however, for those that do celebrate, i mean no disrespect…do you

…so that being said, the below poem i read to him as we were curled up together…i remember the stunned expression on his face, the way he cupped my face in his hands and said “you are SO DOPE” …the kiss that followed was like…well…

lets just say…THIS!!! talk about the BEST way I have ever had Love expressed to me *blushes*

below is the poem

i wish i were a prophet

with a universal following

derived from distant lands

with sands the shades of royal skin and rainbows

traveling in droves

just to hear me speak

their lips would ever so slightly part in awe

as they saw my words with closed eyes

and felt me with empty palms ascending in praise, yet

i do not desire any fame or fortune from my following

i just want my scribing to be sacred as i share the story

of you

the world should know about you

the world should know about majesty

integrity and sacrifice

when the world chatters about character

the color of your essence should do pirouettes off their tongues

leaving chiseled onyx in their laps

and with gold and silver, crowns are crafted

reminding them that the existence of Kings is not a myth

despite deception

mockery and the maligning of your esteem

you are a man whose heart is as pure as a child’s first prayer to God

and there aren’t enough witnesses to your greatness, that’s why

i want to write your tears into floods of testimonies

rebuke anything that comes to destroy the purpose in your life

demonstrate to the demons that dwell too damn close to your dignity

that if my words have any power you will never be defeated

so yes, i want people to read my poems

hear me speak, stand in awe

fight back tears

and know…there was this little poet girl

who prayed to the All-Mighty one day for just the right words

to immortalize the man she loves

He chuckled at her

then wrote this poem on her behalf.

© michele mitchell, 2010, 2012, 2014


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