twinflames not tinkertoys


stress loops nightmares into your subconscious

manifesting into  realities

this can no longer be

slumber should be your sacred solace

structured simply from my soul

constructed with care

created prayer whispers

allowing your mind to coincide with your heart

one kiss upon your temple and your soul opens

releasing burdens to be replaced with blessings

enabling you to fight your fears and win

defeating the demons designed for your demise

filled with lies and obligations

one kiss upon your lips and your soul sighs

you realize you deserve this

deserve bliss

what have you been missing

letting life pass you by

one kiss upon your thigh

then on your chest

you relax after the best has been given and received

now you can breathe

shackles of manufactured manhood are broken

be free to choose your destiny

© michele mitchell, 2014


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