Speaking it into Existence


One day before I am forty-five, I will be sitting across from Oprah Winfrey explaining how on January 27th 2014, why I thought about ending my life about six times. Then I stopped and decided the best thing I could do to feel better about my life was to create my own life. So I decided that my novel was going to be completed and will be a best seller. It will be such a success it will be turned into a film. Then I will be contracted by a major publishing company and I will have three more best-selling novels with correlating films. Needless to say, I nor my family, will ever have to worry about money again. I will then move to Central America and buy a house on the beach. I will marry the man who I have Loved since I was nineteen years old and we will get married in our backyard overlooking the sea. We will retire and live a blissful and Peaceful life together testifying to others while having beautiful feasts on Sundays.

As my mind colors in the negative spaces with the Joy of rainbows, I will add them to this manifestation masterpiece.


photo credit: news.jeebboo.com


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