open letter to my aunt

The video shown is almost EXACTLY how I have been feeling the past two days.

I typically try NOT to post much of my personal business on social networks, but I feel this may help somebody else who is/was going through the same thing.

Thanks to Facebook, I was able to find my paternal Aunt, so I contacted her about my father. I gave her my phone number.

Needless to say, neither her or my father called me.

I have to let go to embrace my blessings

Conversation started Thursday

Michele Mitchell

1/23, 12:55am

Hello Aunti Margaret,

This is your niece Michele.

My father told me about your stroke when I got out of the hospital and I hope you are recovering well from it.

I am sure (well maybe not) my father told you about my brain aneurysm rupture last year as well as my stroke. In May, I had another brain surgery to prevent another aneurysm from rupturing.

It’s been a rough year, and that’s why I am contacting you.

“Little” Bobby told my mother some really awful things that my father SUPPOSEDLY has said about me. It is painful as I haven’t done ANYTHING to my father for him to say such things.

Here is the irony, I believe my brother is making it up.I mean we ALL KNOW my father can be pretty “vocal” to say the least, but I do not believe he would say hateful things about his daughter who almost died.

The situation between my mother and father happened over THIRTY YEARS ago, so for him to still have resentment towards me because I went to live with my mother is, at the very least, ludicrous.

If you could, tell my father that I heard about the disparaging
comments he made about me to Bobby after he saw my article in the Courier. (even longer story)

If he didn’t say them, then he needs to “check” his son
as it feels (at least to me) “Little” Bobby needs to grow up because my father may actually WANT to have a relationship with me. I mean from what I was told (I was unconscious at the time), my father DID come to see me in the hospital, so he must still love me, right?

If he DID say those things about me, I am thoroughly embarrassed that my father is that passive aggressive and doesn’t have the BALLS to say it to me personally. (Sorry for cursing, but I do have Toney blood in me…LOL).

If I don’t hear from him, I will assume what was said was true and go away quietly. I mean he hasn’t been in my life for 30 years, and I lived, right?

I apologize if I bothered you, but I was really upset and the only number I had for my father rings and rings with no answer.

By the way YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!

Give Stacey and Julie my best. My father tells me how successful they are all the time. And feel free to call me too if you would like.



ps. Tell him I forgive him


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