In Focus

The lights appeared out of the darkness. Red and blue swirls. She saw the blood bubble over his parted lips as he coughed. The amber light from the corner store reflected off the pupils of his open eyes before they fluttered closed. Her screams pierced the sky leaving puffy white echoes to surround the ears of the medics, ambulance drivers, and onlookers.

“He not the one,” the frantic Korean corner store owner insisted as he pointed down the street. The police shook their heads, “Black hoodie, black ski mask with a shot gun, Thanks for the description, but…”

“But eyes blue,” “Stop looking at skin Look in eyes to see evil.”

The whole block hushed, the body bag was zipped, and she was led to the back of the ambulance where the screams echoed within the metal tomb.

The cop spoke into his radio, “Ten twenty two that description. Suspect is a white male, six foot with piercing blue eyes.”

His partner chuckled about that description all through breakfast, but the cop didn’t find it amusing that he was forced to see the racist within himself.

© michele mitchell, 2014



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