written freely



to scribe a simple yet sincere sentiment

you have not already heard a thousand times

like scripture out of context

clichés in poems

slogans on protest posters



to cautiously pluck each word from the truth trees

careful not to split the stems, so they lose their structured origins


as they attempted to do with you

struggle with this confession of my youthful ignorance

have only heard your name in breathy whispers

hissing about miscarriages of judicial systems


mishandled evidence

soliciting me to release the knot on Lady Justice’s blindfold

say, excuse me miss, what have we missed?

she blinked exposing empty eye sockets.



with each book read

interview listened to

each speech opened my eyes wide enough to be ashamed enough

to ask enough questions

educate myself

because one can never learn enough

about a man who can inhale tribulation with his eyes

yet, still smile while exhaling the sweet scented knowledge of the truth tree

eloquently MOVE the passion inside of me to inspire me to pluck my words carefully

they should never be wantonly wasted

each word has a purpose

take prudence before plucking

each person has a purpose

second guess the silencing of the sentenced

a person with purposeful words will be persecuted blindly

to stop the growth of nations

dear mumia,

i would be remiss to not honor you

for your words

your life

your struggle

for the education

and freedom

released in me

to teach us all.

© michele mitchell 2011, 2014

poetry prompt: http://www.pw.org/writing-prompts-exercises

photo credit: www.internationalpeaceandconflict.org

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