Is There a Fix? –They Picked the WRONG Writer to Piss Off!!!

Is There a Fix? --They Picked the WRONG Writer to Piss Off!!!

The below email was sent to all three of my local news affiliates and the Huffington Post. If any of you have connects and would like to forward this, feel free.


My name is Michele Mitchell and I will, to the best of my ability, summarize my situation.

For brevity sake, please see the attached link which contains an article written by Kim Mulford of the Courier Post.

Prior to this article getting published, I was scared and frustrated. I contacted the NJ State Legislature about my health care fiasco and Jean, my assemblywoman’s assistant, reached out to the hospital where I had both of my brain surgeries. An advocate at the hospital was able to obtain (with the help of Walgreens) a thirty day supply of my anti-seizure medicine at no cost to me, and I was grateful.

The next day the above article was published. A donor, who wished to remain anonymous to me, contacted Ms. Mulford and offered to pay for my Rx in cash if I notified the pharmacy.

So, of course, I did.

I was told by Walmart that I had to be present when the donor paid for my Rx because they could not release my Rx to anyone other than me. I then explained about the article and the Good Samaritan who wished to remain anonymous.

Their advice to me was to have the Samaritan come to Walmart and purchase a gift card for the full amount of the Rxs and leave the card at the pharmacy. Then my Rxs would be filled and when I was able to come pick them up, I would use the card to pay for them.

Ms. Mulford diligently worked to convey this information to the Samaritan as he/she had a schedule that needed to be adhered to.

In the interim, Walmart called Walgreens to verify the Rx and then I received a phone call from the Walmart pharmacist.

I was basically told that because Walgreens was able to fill the one Rx for free they should be able to fill the other two Rx for free as well and to call them. The Samaritan was sent away.

Dismayed, I called Walgreens to see when my Rx would be ready. They seemed more concerned about how to submit a claim to get reimbursed for the costs of the Rx than helping me, but told me they would call me in about an hour when the Rx were ready. They also sarcastically instructed me to NOT contact the Courier Post because they were trying to “help” me like they did previously.

They never called.

And Walmart turned away the only person who was willing to help.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Michele Mitchell



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