Is There a Fix? (Day 3)

Is There a Fix

 The good news is that I was able to get a thirty day supply of my anti-seizure medication. I would like to thank my assemblywoman’s office, and the wonderful advocates at Kennedy Hospital and Walgreens for makin it happen. S/O to my daughter for going out of her way today to pick up the medication. Here is hoping that my health insurance issue is rectified soon so that I may obtain my other medications and reschedule my cancelled doctor appointments.

The other news is the photographer from the newspaper came today to shoot the pictures to coincide with the article regarding the above. What I learned from that today:

A-Photographers are very patient, detail oriented people
B-There are fifty ways to look at an empty prescription Rx while gazing somberly out of my window.
C-I could be a hand model. (Hey I didn’t say it) So officially, I have pretty feet and hands.

Lastly, the household was forewarned that it is possible to go into withdraw regarding the other meds and to be patient with me.

Random Happy Moment: My daughter and I have committed to learning Spanish which will serve us well during our future tour of Central America.

• It has been approximately thirty four days since I applied and have been approved for my health insurance.
• I still do not have ID cards.
• There ARE people in the world who care and are willing to go the extra mile for others.
• I was able to get my most important Rx filled
So Is There a Fix will pause for now, until there is another update.


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