Is There a Fix?

Is There a Fix?

Day One
***Feel free to read my about page and the updates to get acquainted with my situation***
The first ironic point is that up until I had to go out on disability for my illness, my main source of employment was a third party benefits administrator. I specialized with assisting clients with their health benefits. However, I do believe if I had made an error as grave (no pun intended) as the one I am now faced with, I would have been terminated from my job. Now, I am not asking for anyone to lose their job, but I just want SOMEONE to go above and beyond their roles and responsibilities to assist me.

Because I don’t want to die.
The second ironic point is even with my medical condition I was cognizant enough to enroll in medical insurance through the Affordable Health Care website ON TIME. So I know for a fact this unfortunate situation is NOT my fault. I only state that to say that that in my former role as a benefits administrator more often than not I would have to go above and beyond my responsibilities to help a client who, for whatever reason, did not enroll in his/her benefits on time.
But that isn’t the situation at hand. If you follow the news, you may have been informed of the computer “glitch” that is delaying the information from the federal level to get to the appropriate state database. But hey, I am not alone. From what I have read, I have at least 25,000 other NJ residents to keep me company.
We are uninsured, but I am pretty positive none of us want to die.
The third irony is I really dislike taking medicines, but because of my medical condition I have to take three prescriptions daily (two scripts twice daily). Two of the medications are mood stabilizers so I can relax enough for my brain to heal. The brain requires a LOT of energy to heal and being upset depletes that needed energy. The MAIN medication is an anti-seizure medication. I REALLY need that medication because the result of me having a seizure could be more damage to my brain and/or death.
I mentioned I didn’t want to die, right? Just checking.
Lastly, because I worked where I worked and heard associates threaten to call their senators if their situations weren’t resolved, I emailed many a member of the NJ state legislature to assist me. My assemblywoman’s office is going above and beyond to assist me. Through no fault of theirs, nothing has been resolved as of yet. However, the local newspaper is going to run my story complete with a photo. Once that happens, I’ll link you all to it.
It is after five in the morning here in NJ, and I can’t sleep. In five more hours, it will be the first full day without having my medication. Physically, I am “okay”. My headaches tend to worsen due to weather and lunar conditions as well as stress. So yeah, I have a headache I am awake because I am a little nervous I will have a seizure in my sleep…and well you know the rest…

Hopefully, I will get some rest and peace of mind–again pardon my pun.
(to be continued)


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