Is There a Fix ? (Day Two)

Is There a Fix ? (Day Two)

I wish I could say my insurance/medication issue was my only stressor. It isn’t. Stressors for anyone are exhausting. Needless to say, I am extremely tired as I type this.
Bad news, my issue is still not resolved. It has been over twenty-four hours since I have had the necessary medication.
Good news, besides feeling a little “spacy” and “shaky”. I did pretty well today. I am going to chalk that up to prayer and meditation and thank God for both. I have my “emotional” moments, but they pass quickly. It think mainly because crying gives me a headache, I do my best not to become upset. Pain is NOT on my list of stuff to do.
I was contacted by a nurse from the hospital I was in for both of my brain surgeries, and was told my assemblywoman’s assistant contacted her. The nurse is now working with my doctors to arrange for emergency medication for me. I am praying those arrangements can be made soon.
Tomorrow the newspaper is sending the photographer to take my picture to coincide with the article they will run about my issue. I don’t want to look like I have luggage under my eyes (see the pun play…ha), so I am going to get some…rest, yeah whatever that is…LOL.

Random joy of the day: Seeing Yanni’s face as Nel read Alice in Wonderland to her.
…to be continued


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