Just Checking Please…

Check Please...

Lemon wedges with bruised skins spat sticky seeds into a cloudy water glass. Condensation rolled down its sides slower than the tears that ran down her face. Possibly because the condensation was natural.

The tears- – forced.

He appeared oblivious to her pseudo pain as he grabbed his glass and gulped down the rest of his water shoving the glass away from him as if it disgusted him. Like he never should have drank from it in in the first place.

On the contrary, she grabbed her glass as if it were a possession. As if it were obligated to quench her thirst. I could hear the glass screech under her gripping talons. The talons she used to keep him in his…place.

 His exhale was a grunt of power. I do not believe his teeth parted when he spoke.

You presented yourself to me as quenching. As if you would wash my pain away and baptize me with serenity. For a while, I floated, but then I wanted to swim. So you sucked me under. Never letting me forget that you saved me from a drought. So now, you no longer are an oasis but an anchor of obligation.

After many an insipid conversation with someone with the mental capacity of a sheep and the sexual flair of stuffed flounder, I realized if I magnified Starlight combined it with True Love and God’s word, it would sever any shackle of deception and allow me to swim swiftly into the arms of my Spiritual Soul mate.

He then handed her a folded piece of paper. When she opened it, I could see it was an itemized invoice with a big red stamp that read: paid in full.

I now had tears streaming down my face, but when she sucked her teeth in disgust I couldn’t hold in my giggle. She forcefully pushed her chair away from the table and her glass crashed to the concrete.

I actually heard his sigh of relief as she hissed and slithered away.

The broken glass and bitter wet lemons left sizzling in the San Diego Sun were swiftly swept up by a busboy leaving not a remnant of their existence. As I was frantically wiping away my tears, he sat down across from me and grabbed my hand.

A waitress appeared smiling, “Can I get you guys anything?”

He grabbed my hand tighter, “No thank you. I have everything I could ever want or need right here.”

The waitress smiled knowingly at me, “Should I even ask?”

 I smiled back, “I’ll have the same.”

© michele mitchell, 2014

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