Because of Kathleen Sebelius, I Will Become a Tree… (Open Letter to My Congressman, Assemblyman and Senators)


FYI: This letter probably has a myriad of typos, spelling issues, and what not but I was HEATED!!!

For those of you who already KNOW the beginning. Just scroll down.

If any of you have any suggestions, please feel free to respond.

For brevity sake, I will get straight to my issue.

I had a cerebral artery brain aneurysm rupture in November of 2012. In May of 2013, I had surgery for another aneurysm to prevent IT from rupturing. At the time, I was on my employers’ insurance plan, but that insurance has since expired.

I was one of the few who had no problems with the website, and was pleased to find out that I was eligible for Medicaid/NJ Family Care.

When I called NJ Family Care to inquire about my benefits, they explained that they were waiting for to send the application to them.

I called the customer service number and they explained the application was submitted in Dec.

The issue is I am on three medications that are imperative to my health. One is to keep me from having seizures, the other two are to keep me calm so my brain can properly heal. Because, my insurance is in “limbo”, I can not fill my prescriptions which could result in seizures which could kill me or further damage my brain, anxiety and suicidal thoughts etc.

Prior to my health issues, I, ironically, worked as a benefits specialist for those on long term disability and an Adjunct English Professor.

I don’t want to have a seizure and die. I also don’t want to have a nervous breakdown and harm myself.

I have instructed my daughter that if I should pass to cremate me and give my ashes to the organization who transforms the ashes into soil for a tree. Then my tree will be planted in front of the congress building as a daily reminder.

I apologize if that was a bit much, but so is my need for my medication.

Thank you for your time and, in advance, for your assistance


2 comments on “Because of Kathleen Sebelius, I Will Become a Tree… (Open Letter to My Congressman, Assemblyman and Senators)

  1. F’ing awesome! Well played. I pray for your well being. A very good friend of mine died from a brain aneurysm so I know all to well the silent killer that aneurysms are. I trust your insurance issues will be resolved and as good measure, once they are, I’d donate a tree to be planted in the front of congress and see if you can get one of those small donation plaques they put on the tree…with your name on it. It will make whoever read your letter…think about you ever day. Be well.

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