wish on a Starfish


when you come close to dying

you realize how much life you have left

never thought you’d have a list of regrets

double one

one after the middle of twenty

doesn’t seem like much to others

for me it is everything

a creation of a dream through mediation

now a desire willed into manifestation

as it is written

shall it be claimed

wrote his name in the sand of our backyard

that kissed the sea gently

stone pathway lined with shells

leading to the porch that wrapped around

a house the hue of struggling sunbeams

yet your power is secure with a strong cadence

up the walk to the front door

sighs and smiles replace

huffs and puffs

home is Solace


children run up from the sea full of sand, giggles, hugs and shells

smells from the kitchen enticing enough to bite your bottom lip

which i kiss leaving the taste of citrus that you lick before grinning

each room shaded with one of the six other chakras

the master suite colors of honeydew and mango

you feel balanced at home

Loved at home

i am home

home sweet home

welcome home

© michele mitchell, 2014

Prompt: The Daily Post 365 days of Writing Prompts January 3rd

Photo Credit: www.happyislandafter.com


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