creation does not stop at conception

creation does not stop at conception

this is an actual emergency
not a test
there will not be a test
no test that compares students with the rest
no comparisons just colors and clay
paintbrushes and pastels
once ripped out of their hands
that stopped clapping
stopped tapping rhythm sticks
all because of the greed of our government saying
schools do not need the arts
if they can not read
let’s make them sheep
give them enough education to become slaves
otherwise they may run for office
make a difference
paint murals on the walls of city hall
congregate as a choir
where every voice is heard
muted are the children who are truly gifted
leaving us not them…left behind

we can rewind
give them hope
paint the hallways with rainbows
give their instruments
teachers with creative lessons
life experience
dare should anyone say it
remove security guards
put prayer
He is watching
let the little children come to me
do not hinder them
the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.
© michele mitchell, 2013

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