let there be Truth in Clarity

Imagein order to justify

rules and regulations that only apply to european males

natives who  listened to the Spirits they worshipped were sent blankets soaked in syphilis

surely that death was slow so slaughter was the next option

whoever was left was forced to celebrate with corn liquor and lies

written in history books by european males

in order to justify

enslaved minds who were ripped from their homeland and families

stripped of their dignity, skin and beliefs to serve and build for european males

providing them with a Book they could not even read

filled with lies written by other european males

telling tales on the telephone line

in order to justify

the murder of our Savior who only preached Love

european males so full of hate found him guilty of blasphemy

releasing His radiant Spirit into the Universe

it is attainable to all who seek the Truth

that God is within us all

once we become


© michele mitchell, 2013

Poetry Prompt: http://wordpress.com/read/post/id/489937/62814/

Photo Credit: www.douglashamp.com


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