another world


and the pure of heart said

let there be Love

then light

the world shimmered emerald

then sighed

the Sun embraced the auras of Souls

illuminating them one by one

then rainbows mated and created Love children

whose eyes were glowing with the fruit that satiates purpose like papaya on bottom lips

their tears of Joy manifested seas of serenity that surrounded secure continents

blueprints of dreams yet to be constructed were etched into the soil

the only toiling needed was a mind full of belief

many respites would flourish inland in four seasons

leaving many gleaming jewels on barren branches where our Souls exhale

rubies and ambers in Autumn

opals and diamonds in Winter

rose quartz in Spring

emeralds of Summer

leaves one to wonder if that is a sign

for us to inhale the color of Love

provided by the world where auras float

like hope.

© michele mitchell, 2013

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