chelepalooza celebration

chelepalooza celebration

there’s a week in november when firework hues are introduced to foliage
their branches stretch to caress skies shaded in robin egg shell exhales
holding the remaining lingering rays of Summer in it’s mouth
until it’s cheeks are puffy like clouds that whisper breezes on the back of your neck
scented with cayenne pepper, okra, and stewed tomatoes simmering with sausage,
seafood, and mama’s smiles combined with cornbread in red lit corners speakeasies
where folks can’t wait to cast a spell on crimson shadows that will grind past midnight
kermit creeps up thighs while seducing spines to arch then shiver into slumber
we wake, begin again, seducing mardi gras to arrive early spicing up a born day to linger for the brightest week in Autumn
welcome to chelepalooza
next round is on me.
© michele mitchell, 2013

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