birth of an angel


bated breath mixed with twinkling rainbows on bay windows

creating colorful Christmas clouds that mixed and mingled

with the teasing scent of pine and holly berry lingering at the door

silver, gold and royal jewels adorned the fir with treasure

way up high she perched winged with a whimsical smile

no chile, no, she’s not a doll. she’s too fragile to play with


still gasp when lights twinkle hum carols when bells jingle

porcelain face became cracked and broken

did not want to play should not have been toyed with but treasured

loomed garland and tinsel into a crown with a Spirit that glowed from within

spun twinkling rainbows into wings and soared way up high

smiled whimsically for i became a queen to look up too

© michele mitchell, 2013


Art: angel of Peace by “Star” © 2013





10 comments on “birth of an angel

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