freedom in fifteen


pardon my intrusion

the illusion of your lives

shall not be televised

for the next fifteen minutes i advise

you to turn up the radio

i’ll be damned if Love was a river

someone stopped it from flowin

folks are goin out of their way

avoiding riding the waves

afraid of the crashing surf

nothing is worse than

giving up a chance

wading with your eyes closed

trust the Almighty and float


for the next fourteen minutes

believe in heartbeats that skip

butterflies on your spine

giggles that sparkle

wishes on Stars coming true

for the next thirteen minutes


be a Soldier

fight for Love’s right

to have her voice heard

amend the anger

pen the law

for the next twelve minutes be in awe

of how amazing you feel

that the memory of entwined bodies

leaves you reeling



now that i have your attention

for the next eleven minutes

be grateful

someone Loves you







for the next ten minutes

play your favorite Love song

sing alone

then invite your Love

to sing along.

© michele mitchell, 2013


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