it all leads to Love

it all leads to Love

the womb of maltilda birthed a radiant child in brooklyn
her lingering wails painted a purple haze over a half moon
shading the world with Love so constellations were guides for souls floating
hopelessly in the sea of hypocrisy lost on the way to tranquility
finding no life there
forced to scribe Peace in the balance of midnight meditations and morning prayers
chanted by a displaced hippie who spread her Light traveling like a gypsy
only to claim the four chambers of his heart home
in between beats she rests to listen his breath beg for a new beginning
the kiss from her lips to his ends his suffering
resuscitates him to set forth on the path to his purpose
they are both radiant children who wail in painted purple hazes over half moons
floating within the Stars
collecting constellations in glass jars
hoping to give Light to those trapped in darkness

© michele mitchell, 2013
photo credit:


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