metamorphosis of a myth

metamorphosis of a myth

draped in a dress of emerald
adorned by garland of Lights which beckoned
Peace to fly freely into an open palm
fell asleep in prayer
his name safe in her mouth
waking sighs serenaded wishes with sea songs
creating the first choir of the Universe
passion and Truth harmonized for the first time
exhaling serenity into breezes carrying shells to shore
no longer afraid to memorize the lyrics Aphrodite once whispered into the surf
affirming her purpose as the Goddess of Love
gently waking those who fell asleep in prayer to
freeing the name of their betrothed held safe in their mouths
speaking Life
manifesting Twin Flames
who illuminate the world into believing again

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at this moment my brain…

at this moment my brain…

feels like it has been ripped from under my occipital bone
restrained to an office chair with zip ties
placed into the middle of the flashing rainbow floor at studio 54
trying to catch flickering floating lights
pounding bass makes the chair hop across the disco
following the white rabbit whose conversation is slurred, squeaky and endless
no hole to bound into
no window to fly out of
complaining is useless
medication duck taped my mouth shut and i can’t cry
turn down the volume in my head
get the bartenders’ attention

© michele mitchell, 2013
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don’t say-BE

don't say-BE

had to have been a week later when the picture was seen
was unconscious and unaware of your presence
unaware you accidentally saw them slicing scalps
draining fluids
you kissed my forehead
through blood soaked bandages
with purpose

silently the Love in me embraced the Love in you
we bathed in glowing caresses
scrubbing away doubt
cleansing our Spirits
our shine blinded fools who depend on trinkets
damn the words
we have other ways for our mouths
to express i Love yous

© michele, mitchell 2013

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outkast painting

outkast painting

Here is the irony:

This group was forced upon me by someone who hated my taste in Hip Hop (I am more of an “east coast dirty backpack” kinda fan).

So naturally I resisted the group until one day I was by myself and actually listened to them.

All I can say, is brilliant geniuses.

And I would lick Dre’s teeth on demand.




creation does not stop at conception

creation does not stop at conception

this is an actual emergency
not a test
there will not be a test
no test that compares students with the rest
no comparisons just colors and clay
paintbrushes and pastels
once ripped out of their hands
that stopped clapping
stopped tapping rhythm sticks
all because of the greed of our government saying
schools do not need the arts
if they can not read
let’s make them sheep
give them enough education to become slaves
otherwise they may run for office
make a difference
paint murals on the walls of city hall
congregate as a choir
where every voice is heard
muted are the children who are truly gifted
leaving us not them…left behind

we can rewind
give them hope
paint the hallways with rainbows
give their instruments
teachers with creative lessons
life experience
dare should anyone say it
remove security guards
put prayer
He is watching
let the little children come to me
do not hinder them
the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.
© michele mitchell, 2013

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no sum of money could ever repay you for the riches you gave me
raised my self esteem and allowed me to shine as by tilting my chin towards the sky
named me after the lights that guide, twinkle and mystify
there is no repayment for unconditional Love

if possible your debt would be paid in full and your obligations would be eliminated
then you would be able to invest in yourself and spend time cherishing your treasures
show them that your shine was not extinguished by those engulfed by deception
i would polish your goodness would radiate along with hidden gems in sands of paradise
you need to gleam more
breathe more
dream more
although no sum of money could ever repay you for the riches you gave me
i would go broke trying

© michele mitchell, 2013

Photo credit: Ivan Raszl – Google+ – Gary Greenberg’s grains of sand magnified …


D’Angelo Painting

D'Angelo Painting

I was a fan of his long before anyone heard him. Back when Angie was still threading his braids and he wasn’t a sex symbol.He was just GIFTED as all hell. A singer, writer and musician. THAT’S how I saw Michael “D’Angelo Archer”.

I heard he was addicted to drugs and INSTANTLY started praying for him. It was a twelve year prayer project, so when I heard he was performing again in Europe I WAS ESTASTIC.

The irony is there is an overwhelming majority of women who when he came back were so “superficial” about how he LOOKED that couldn’t care less about how he SOUNDED.

I almost wept when I heard him again for the first time in years.

Congrats D

You go God!!!

let there be Truth in Clarity

Imagein order to justify

rules and regulations that only apply to european males

natives who  listened to the Spirits they worshipped were sent blankets soaked in syphilis

surely that death was slow so slaughter was the next option

whoever was left was forced to celebrate with corn liquor and lies

written in history books by european males

in order to justify

enslaved minds who were ripped from their homeland and families

stripped of their dignity, skin and beliefs to serve and build for european males

providing them with a Book they could not even read

filled with lies written by other european males

telling tales on the telephone line

in order to justify

the murder of our Savior who only preached Love

european males so full of hate found him guilty of blasphemy

releasing His radiant Spirit into the Universe

it is attainable to all who seek the Truth

that God is within us all

once we become


© michele mitchell, 2013

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from the Creator


dear truth seeker,

no matter how dark your skies seem

stay on the road full of gleaming Stars

surrounding your future abode with a glowing halo

where your desires will manifest in the sparkling surf of the seas

whispering the solace of Love songs


do not paint your path with brushstrokes of the past

rip up that faded picture

you have been given a second chance at perfect Peace

embrace it with your heart

dance to its rhythms

vibrating within your freed soul

good luck,

the real you


© michele mitchell, 2013

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in time


truth be told

thinking about it still hurts

blamed selfishness

blamed my thirst

blamed self

sent you to the bodega

sent you into the crossfire

sent you to your death

for expired pineapple juice

in a shattered bottle

mixing with your blood

with your last breath


truth be told

persistent prayer is a conduit for forgiveness

meditation allows me to channel your smile in stray sunrays

bending through my window

although difficult to understand

these were our designed paths

blessed that you briefly crossed mine

forever a constant reminder

to drink more water

© michele mitchell, 2013


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