Dating Deal Breakers

Dating Deal Breakers

Everyone has their “dream partner”…The one where he/she walks into the room and you gasp because they are physically gorgeous. You then become enthralled with their conversation. You find out later this person is everything you hoped for.

Or so you think.

The reason I am writing this blog is because of a dream I had last night. (YAY for me remembering my dream).I had a dream that a really nice guy was really interested in me. He was charming, sweet and attentive, but there were two major issues. I’ll get to them later.
When I was younger, I literally had a list of attributes I desired in my ideal mate. Day by day after seeing or hearing certain things about others’ relationships, my list would get longer until one day I looked the list and it was over two pages long.

So I started editing my list. Crossing things off that were superficial or could be negotiated. Then there were two lists; one of physical attributes and one that consisted of character traits.
Physical attributes are sometimes obvious. One of mine had to deal with teeth. I mean his teeth don’t have to be perfect as I had orthodontic work when I was a kid. But I’d like my mate to have ALL of HIS teeth, NONE of the periodic table in his mouth (i.e. no platinum or gold teeth) they need to be as CLOSE to straight as possible, and the color has to be as close to white as possible. I don’t mind gaps; they are actually sexy.
Now back to the dream. I was at some sort of public engagement that had a bar. The charming, sweet, and attentive guy noticed that I had on stilettos and asked if I would rather sit down. I smiled and thanked him.
Then he got down off of the stool and he was my height.

I am 4’ 11” and with the stilettos I wear I am about 5’5”.
My SF (the other reason why I don’t date much) is about 6’ or so. He literally can pick me up and carry me around. That’s a safe sexy. He can reach the top shelf in the kitchen. He doesn’t need a stool to look out my peek hole in my front door.

Now I’m sure “little man” is a very nice guy, but being a part of the lollipop guild will always be a deal breaker.

Peace and Shine On
Do you have a dating deal breaker? Is it physical or character related? What is it?
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