“I do NOT understand why you thought this was okay!!” My yells echoed off of the empty walls.
He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I shrugged him off me, “No. No. No. Do not touch me. You spent our, no correction, my life savings on an EMPTY WAREHOUSE!!! We have nowhere to live. As my husband how the fuck could you do this to us?!?!?”
He sighed heavily, “The lease on the apartment doesn’t run out for another sixty days. We will be fine. Trust me.”
“Yes. We will go home and start packing our stuff. In sixty days all will be fine.”
I didn’t understand how. I was so full of rage I left the abandoned warehouse and threw up. In tears, I went home. I got empty boxes from the corner store and started packing. I was leaving alright. Leaving him. That asshole. He is an idiot. WHY.
I called everyone I could to help me. I couldn’t stay with him, I now had no money. My life was reduced to ruin.
And my birthday was in sixty days.
I was stunned by my family and friends. No one was willing to let me stay with them. They all said the same things:
It will be okay.
Y’all will work it out.
Calm down, it could be worse.
I was miserable. On my birthday, I was even more miserable. I was now homeless.

My husband came home with a huge smile on his face.
“C’mon honey, we are going out for your birthday.”
“We have no fucking money. We need to find a place to live. Fuck you.”
But I went with him. He drove me back to the where I thought the abandoned warehouse was, but it had a fence around it, plants that lined a stone drive way, and beautiful windows.
I looked at my husband confused.
He just laughed and walked around to the passenger side of the car to let me out and lead me to the warehouse. He took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the new door.
It seemed my asshole husband had contractors for friends. These contractors in sixty days transformed this abandoned warehouse into a gorgeous home with all of the luxuries and amenities a woman could ever need.
I stood there with my mouth wide open. My husband turned me around by my shoulders and kissed my nose.
“Happy Birthday, jerk,” he chuckled. All of my family and friends came out of hiding and yelled SURPRISE!!!
I received the greatest gift ever that day.
Abundant Love and Trust.
© Michele Mitchell, 2013
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