november duet

november duet

jazz in autumn wears a disguise
sunshine cloaked brass notes
souls who sleep snuggling on Sunday mornings
before biscuits, butter and marmalade are shared
coffee sipped like secrets
smiles and giggles scat affirmations
create lyrics under blankets warmed by true Love
whoever called jazz cool
never crooned with you

© michele mitchell, 2013
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3 comments on “november duet

  1. My facade is falling leaves, lovely
    I play something sweet in the high seasons of the brazen
    My Sunday mornings are slow soliloquys and soft music
    All the nourishment you’d ever need
    The way you lips sip…or rather, better…kiss
    Flawlessly forcing secret little smirks
    And each note, each hint belong against yours
    Rebirth of cool, Miles
    Ain’t nothing
    In closest comparison
    To my modern Venus de Milo

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