Love Making Metronome

Love Making Metronome

pace quickens the pulses of foreplay
desire allows skin to be read like Braille
once upon a time
limbs entwined by
happily ever afters

plots twist in action packed adventures
between covers clinging to mattresses
for dear life affirmations are whispered
time is running out

tick, tick, tick.
minutes on an ignored clock
rhythmically clicking away
leaving echoes in heart chambers
emptied by the quiet pauses of interims
© michele mitchell, 2013

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3 comments on “Love Making Metronome

  1. Easy me, carefully…
    Just a bit faster now
    Allow me to master you
    Tracing the outlines of femininity
    With a subtle drawing

    Looking is almost a gluttony
    A touch repeated would be avarice
    But I want wanton wrath
    As the hardwood protects your discarded hiding places

    Six hands in motions
    Yours steady the masterpiece for stealing away
    Mine prepare ploys for making Mona Lisa mine
    And the last two…
    Just pass the time

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