interview wit teacake

interview wit teacake

searchin for lavender in da setting sun
fingertips and lips
still stained wit
sugar dipped strawberries.
we sipped sun tea ‘tween his replies.
what made yah Love hah so hard?

t’aint hard tah Love
surely wuddn’t hard tah Love hah
she wuz muted magic
sunshine scented honeysuckles
friday’s fried fish
served wit cornbread
during grace hah soft hands held mine
wit hah eyes closed
she had dat blind faith in me.

den wut made yah stray ?
i reckon t’wuz i neva seent a miracle befo den
didn’t think i deserved hah as my blessin
questioned my own worth
wanted to see if t’wuz me or hah
guls are fo fun but women are a wonderfo worry

yah have any regrets?
he chuckled as he chewed down on his toothpick
i reckon i regret waitin fo da right moment ta make hah mine
wudda had mo time wit hah to search fah lavendah in da sky
my only advice tah you is don’t be ‘fraid tah Love so hard
fah dah world hardly Loves no mo
© michele mitchell 2013

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