univerSoul sex

univerSoul sex

transcending space and time
broken hearts
shaken minds now
globes of snow
fragmented and falling on fictional destinations
we can no longer go
so we returned to each other
under escaping sunsets that giggle once tickled by twinkling Stars
like tongues on inner thighs
causing us to quiver as we sit on Saturn’s rings
skip rocks in the milky way
that create meteor showers
illuminating passions that pound the earth
like curses on slapped asses
our names are called before
we collapse in exhaled amens while limbs lock in Tantric Sanskrit
tattooed on tongue tips that scribe syllables on spines
counted on fingers still sticky from simulated Senryu
we taste our pleasure before mated mumbles write rhymes for us
choruses repeated as if on rewind
we don’t just make love; we create Love
transcending space and time

© michele mitchell, 2013
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3 comments on “univerSoul sex

  1. This one reminds me of a piece I collaborated on with a friend called “Complete”. Check this out:

    Let’s go away to space so we can witness
    Thirty-two sunrises
    And thirty-two sunsets every day
    Who’s flying, you or I?
    We both are
    Sounds like a worthwhile trip
    What’s next after our two thirty-twos?
    Return the earth and live life
    Just me and you
    In the places where nightfall
    And the day tumble down, peacefully complete
    Space was just an assessment
    Passed with flying comets and shooting stars.
    Welcome to Mars
    Nightfall and day tumble down, in sync
    Almost like it both were compliments to the other
    Twisted sweetly around in symbiotic existence
    Amongst falling stars
    All ours
    Endlessly touching
    Suns, galaxies, each other
    She’s sunbeams
    He’s thunder
    On earth they’re made for one another
    His sound is for her light
    Her blaze intensifies his timbre
    Great and terrible all the same
    Terrible that something like this had never existed
    So great because now it does
    Now more than ever, before this collision of power
    One can see a great work of love
    An act of kindness so bizarre that…
    …that words fail
    Those syllables so powerful
    At the altar
    That alters them, makes them power
    Energy immortal
    Three words
    Three syllables that never fail.
    That live as immortal as they
    They fuel their power, their desire
    Blooming like a flower
    A flower born of her sun
    Cooled in his starlit shad
    A true symbol of the three
    Unfailing, enduring
    And more beautiful than the word itself
    So in sync
    Nightfall and day tumble down as one

    To get a better feel for it, check it out on Facebook.

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