somewhere out there

ambivalence collided with apathy
souls shifted from the tipping of a see-saw
forcing cluster fucks to mock intimacy
we all need space
the final frontier
where there
is not now
nor is it planned for
get it while you can
give me all you got
then disappear
people only lose their light when blinded
Stars never need to be reminded to shine
find the recipe for Truth
mix Love and Light thoroughly
add adversity then pressure
watch the galaxy grow, glow
a supernova then explodes
rebirthing Stars to hang Hope upon
for whispered wishes.
© michele mitchell, 2013
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six minutes up the freeway
lies discarded hope in sunrises tainted with grey
dreams die in conversations poked by splintered stoops
plans popped like balloons by pipes or needles
wasn’t always that way

six minutes up the freeway
b-boys and fly girls danced, sung, kissed, clung to each other
fairytale lover bass lines bumped out of open trunks
sips were passed around in red cups
till tipsiness and bravado brought bullets and cops out

we went in tiny kitchens played spades for days
mommies made potato salad while daddies barbequed
babies weren’t born to babies who no one buried before their time

six minutes up the freeway
stench of abandoned buildings, heavy burdens, and broken households, blankets the air
trapped there by a system that cages young sons scraping for a way out of poverty
imagine the irony created by desperation, corruption, poor education, apathy
no longer notice the skyline or if the sunrises in skylines tainted in grey
even when the sun sets there’s still no hope in the horizon
six minutes up the freeway

© michele mitchell, 2013

Photo credit: Page by Glen Marszalowicz


free yourself

free yourself

(Double Acrostic)

Finally recognized value of selF
Realized that you are indeed a jeweL
Exquisite onyx with an immaculate, natural shinE
Enslaved into dullness by your obligationS
You deserve so much betteR
Officially break free from the S.N.A.F.U.
Understand that men are allowed to receive Love toO
Rewrite your destinY
Scribe your futurE
Edit the mistakE
Leave the past at the back dooR
Free yourselF

© michele mitchell, 2013

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How Tragedy Shows People’s True Colors

How Tragedy Shows People’s True Colors

Last week sucked.

Two people I knew passed away. One was from a suicide, the other cancer.

If that wasn’t bad enough, my daughter is going through a really tough time. She is on the other side of the country and I can’t help her.

THEN I found out my estranged father only has 10% of his kidney function and will be going on home dialysis very soon.

ON TOP OF THAT, I couldn’t go to a gathering for the one friend who passed away because of my health issues (see about page). I can’t drive and out of the HUNDREDS of “friends” I have on Facebook, NOT ONE reached out to me and asked if I wanted to go or offered a ride. And I’m pretty sure a lot of people went.

THEN I got to thinking that MOST of those same people didn’t come see me in the hospital or have come to my house to see if I needed anything.

They just post to me on Facebook IF they have the time.

THEN, I felt guilty for being angry because, of course, this gathering wasn’t about ME. It was about the passing and the collection of Love offerings for the friend who passed.

I recalled someone told me of an individual whose irresponsible behavior almost killed him (he got drunk and nearly drowned) and they had a gathering and a collection for HIM. Instead of being humble about it, the individual strutted around like he was Lazarus.

Before my friend passed he and I had a diatribe about “Lazarus”, how inappropriate his behavior was, and that apparently he has deep mental issues that he hasn’t dealt with yet.
The friend and I then playfully joked that if he and I had a benefit, we would clean UP in donations. But our serious health conditions weren’t about making money or getting a feature at a poetry venue, it was about sharing our testimonies if and when God allowed us to.

However while I was recovering from my serious health condition, there was no gathering or Love offering for ME. I chalked it up to not being in the correct “clique” of people. Maybe it’s because I live in Jersey and not Philly? Or maybe people think I am an asshole? And you know what? I am okay with that, NOW. I mean I am AM an asshole at times, but at least I am REAL about being an asshole. I don’t fake it.

So, I just needed to get it off my chest because I do not want the anger and bitterness to consume me. But yeah guys, it hurt my feelings and it DID piss me off.
I was SO pissed off; I didn’t write much after my friend passed.

Not for the lack of trying, but it just seemed insignificant. I had every intention of finishing “NaMaBloPO”, but after hitting the backspace and delete key several times, I decided to “laptop paint” instead.

That soothed me.

Now that I got that out, for those of you who have a voice inside your head saying “this bitch is writing about me”, I would like to introduce you to the voice named “conviction”. Get to know each other. You may learn something.

Peace and Shine On

                          © michele mitchell, 2013
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always yielding

always yielding

even when others prove
consistently inconsistent.

nowhere in the Bible does it say
thou shall be a doormat
porch to place problems upon

now demanding a detour
here are the signs
wrong way
do not enter
stay in your lane
better yet

© michele mitchell, 2013
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Dating Deal Breakers

Dating Deal Breakers

Everyone has their “dream partner”…The one where he/she walks into the room and you gasp because they are physically gorgeous. You then become enthralled with their conversation. You find out later this person is everything you hoped for.

Or so you think.

The reason I am writing this blog is because of a dream I had last night. (YAY for me remembering my dream).I had a dream that a really nice guy was really interested in me. He was charming, sweet and attentive, but there were two major issues. I’ll get to them later.
When I was younger, I literally had a list of attributes I desired in my ideal mate. Day by day after seeing or hearing certain things about others’ relationships, my list would get longer until one day I looked the list and it was over two pages long.

So I started editing my list. Crossing things off that were superficial or could be negotiated. Then there were two lists; one of physical attributes and one that consisted of character traits.
Physical attributes are sometimes obvious. One of mine had to deal with teeth. I mean his teeth don’t have to be perfect as I had orthodontic work when I was a kid. But I’d like my mate to have ALL of HIS teeth, NONE of the periodic table in his mouth (i.e. no platinum or gold teeth) they need to be as CLOSE to straight as possible, and the color has to be as close to white as possible. I don’t mind gaps; they are actually sexy.
Now back to the dream. I was at some sort of public engagement that had a bar. The charming, sweet, and attentive guy noticed that I had on stilettos and asked if I would rather sit down. I smiled and thanked him.
Then he got down off of the stool and he was my height.

I am 4’ 11” and with the stilettos I wear I am about 5’5”.
My SF (the other reason why I don’t date much) is about 6’ or so. He literally can pick me up and carry me around. That’s a safe sexy. He can reach the top shelf in the kitchen. He doesn’t need a stool to look out my peek hole in my front door.

Now I’m sure “little man” is a very nice guy, but being a part of the lollipop guild will always be a deal breaker.

Peace and Shine On
Do you have a dating deal breaker? Is it physical or character related? What is it?
© michele mitchell, 2013
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beautiful lie

beautiful lie

as he left
i said don’t wait too long to come back
understanding that there’s not enough time
some days
plane trips are replaced by lifted Spirits
as our Love creates paradise in a lingering kiss
don’t want to miss him anymore
the melody of my name moaned in pleasure
is on repeat like our favorite song
that was sung to me while rubbing my shoulders
making picture perfect memories
said don’t wait too long to come back
never wanted him to leave
we have a life to create

© michele mitchell, 2013
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Random Bucket List Inspired by a Fellow Blogger

  1. Parasail
  2. Finish  learning French
  3. Visit Martinique
  4. NOLA October 2014 Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit Ogden      Museum of Southern Art….(a dream if not I’ll find a way to New        York and check him out)
  5. Have my whole body painted and photographed
  6. Get my PhD in English
  7. Bora Bora with my daughter
  8. Learn how to sail
  9. Be the reason someone believes in Love
  10. Have  my testimony change a life

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Life is too fragile and too short; don’t waste it sitting on the ground when you can soar with the Stars

Peace and Shine On


air of truth

air of truth

had to allow it to enter
course through veins
pump through the heart
become purified
slow like meditation
comforts the mind
with understanding
combined with acceptance
embracing beauty
entwined with Peace
in order to exhale
© michele mitchell, 2013

Artwork: “Oxygen” © Star, 2013


not halfway

not halfway

not understanding why you were even drafted
then put on reserve on the bench
only saw time on the field
when others wanted to make you their Star
they padded your contract bumped up your salary
injured you then forced you to play
while they got compensation for your obligation
you don’t deserve to be loved halfway
half a heart won’t sustain your life
half a brain will drive you crazy
in my eyes you are a champion
i cheered for you then
safe with me is your Soul
to carry your Spirit within my Love
is my only goal.

© michele mitchell, 2013
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Photo: Halfway © Star, 2013