The Best Advice I Ever Received.

The Best Advice I Ever Received.

“But I Love him,” I said as I blew smoke out of my nose and flicked ashes into the ashtray.

“So I don’t understand the problem,” my sister said so matter of fact I didn’t think she was listening to me.

I sighed heavily, “Because on the outside looking in, I look ridiculous. He hasn’t made a commitment to me, we only see each other sporadically, and when I don’t hear from him I am miserable.”

“But you Love him,” again she said this matter of fact as well. The only difference was this time she lit her own cigarette.

I nodded through the tears that started to fall.

“My first piece of advice to you is this, stop telling the “outsiders looking in” your business. Some of them may be using your story as a sick form of entertainment. If they are on the outside looking in, they don’t know how you or he feels on the inside. You Love him and he Loves you and that’s all that matters.”

“How do you know he Loves me?” I asked if she held the secret to the universe in her hands.

“You do know you’re a handful right?” She chuckled.

I frowned, “So what does that mean?”

“It means that with all of the crap he has going on in his life, the fact that he even makes time for your over-emotional ass says a lot. So in summary:

*if you keep other people out of y’all business
*understand that he does Love you
*and you continue to Love him the way God intended…

both of you will be happy for a very long time.

Things aren’t always perfect between him and me, but what relationship is perfect? What I found out through this experience is Love is as Spiritual as it is natural.

So naturally, when things get rough for me, I ask God for a sign, and His turn around time has been instantaneous lately.

Then I thank God for putting my sister in my life.

© Michele Mitchell, 2013

Photo Credit: – 640 × 430 – Search by image
Page by Jason English


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