I Officially Renounce Being Caucasian

I Officially Renounce Being Caucasian

(excuse my language from here on out)

By now, I am sure you have heard about or saw the God awful picture of two ignorant ass motherfuckers (Greg Cimeno and William Feline) who dressed up like George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin for Halloween and then Caitlin Cimeno took the picture and posted it on her Facebook page.
I didn’t even want to write about this because I didn’t want to draw attention to the ignorant ass picture (and I WON’T post the picture, Google it), but I am so disgusted I needed to say something.
If the picture wasn’t disgusting enough, the comments from Caucasian people literally made me sick to my stomach.
Either I am very naïve, or I was raised right, or both, but I never realized the extent of racism that still exists in our country until the Zimmerman trial happened.
I will admit that I have one prejudice:

Ignorant and stupid people.
I just can’t tolerate it. Most racist people are either ignorant stupid or both. I had to stop reading about Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman because I would get really emotional about a teenager losing his life over a power hungry, racist asshole. I deleted people from my Facebook page who said ignorant things about the murder and the trial because I didn’t want ANYTHING to do with racists. I have two bi-racial children, so I just …can’t

I am so appalled by it that if I have to fill out anything that asks me about my race, I refuse to check the Caucasian box. I will check “Other” for now on.

Peace and Shine On “Star”

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